Thursday, March 28, 2019

Raise a glass to Jamie a book giveaway

We welcome Jamie Raintree to CLC today to celebrate the recent publication of her sophomore novel, Midnight at the Wandering Vineyard. Thanks to Graydon House, we have one copy to give away!

Jamie Raintree is voracious student of life, which is why she became a writer, where she could put all that acquired information to good use. She is a mother of two, a wife, a businesswoman, a nature-lover, and a wannabe yogi. She also teaches writers about business and productivity. Since the setting is always an important part of her books, she is happy to call the Rocky Mountains of Northern Colorado her home and inspiration. (Bio courtesy of Amazon.)

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Mallory Graham is returning home to the heat and vines of Southern California in search of the peace she can’t find in the city. Her parents’ vineyard is an escape for tourists, but full of mixed memories for Mallory. It may also be the one place she can find the forgiveness she seeks. But can things ever go back to the way they once were—in the days before that long, hot, heartbreaking summer?

Growing up, it was Mallory and Kelly. Kelly and Mallory. Nothing could come between them. That summer before college, bucket list in hand, they greeted every sunrise and chased every sunset. Tattoos—check. Sleeping under the stars—check.

But when Mallory met Sam, everything changed. Older, experienced and everything Mallory never knew she wanted, Sam was her first taste of love—and the one adventure Mallory didn’t want to share with Kelly. But Kelly had her own secrets, too, until the night tragedy struck and their perfect summer—and their friendship—unraveled.

Now, after ten years away, Mallory is home and determined to make amends. No more secrets, no more half-truths. As Kelly slowly lets her guard down, Mallory convinces her to complete their unfinished list of hopes and dreams. But Mallory’s not the only one back in town, and when Sam reappears, Mallory risks making all the same mistakes—and maybe a few new ones—to try to heal that which was broken. (Courtesy of Amazon.)

What is something you learned from writing Perfectly Undone that you applied to Midnight at the Wandering Vineyard?

Something I learned while writing Perfectly Undone is that understanding a character’s motivation is paramount for bringing that character to life and making her relatable. So when I started writing Midnight at the Wandering Vineyard, I spent a lot of time getting into Mallory’s head and figuring out what makes her tick. What was fun about writing Mallory is that she has a really different way of approaching life than I do—she’s more carefree and trusting, whereas I’m very organized and like to take calculated risks! So it was a challenge for me to get into the mind of someone who jumps into situations head first without always thinking it through, but it was a challenge I enjoyed taking on. Mallory has such a pure, loving heart that even though things could--and sometimes do--go wrong, she has a way of bringing out the best in people and situations.

What was your inspiration for writing Midnight at the Wandering Vineyard?
There are many facets to this novel, each one inspired by different experiences in my life. And since I started writing this book over a decade ago, it has evolved a lot over time. I will say, I didn’t expect the friendship element to play as big a role as it has come to play and the inspiration from that has come from how my own friendships have evolved over time, as my friends and I have grown older, gotten married, had kids, etc. Our views on what a friendship should look like has had to evolve with all of these things and that’s a big part of what Mallory and Kelly have to learn as well.

If Midnight at the Wandering Vineyard were made into a movie, who would you cast in the lead roles?
This is really easy for me because part of my planning process always includes choosing faces to go with my characters! It helps me visualize them more clearly as I write. So for Mallory, I chose Missy Peregrym who I’ve always admired. As Kelly, I would cast Molly C. Quinn who everyone might remember from Castle where she played Castle’s daughter. And as Sam, I would cast Matt Bomer because…well…I think that’s pretty obvious! Also, that buttoned-up, White Collar look and attitude exemplifies Sam’s character.

What is your favorite type of wine?
Moscato d’Asti is my number one go-to, but I’m happy with any sweet white.

What is the last movie you saw that you would recommend?
I really loved Instant Family! I laughed and cried and I’m pretty sure my heart grew a size bigger. Definitely a must watch!

Who do you admire most?
There are a lot of strong, amazing women I admire. I’d say at the top of my list is Elizabeth Gilbert. I admire her perspective on creativity, her vulnerability, and her determination to follow her heart, no matter how messy it might be, or what other people might think.

Thanks to Jamie for visiting with us and to Graydon House for sharing her book with our readers.

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