Thursday, January 24, 2019

L.B. Lewis is thoroughly a book giveaway

We're pleased to have L.B. Lewis visiting today to talk about her series, A Modern Trilogy,  a realistic fiction series that Readers’ Favorite calls “well-written and thought-provoking.” She has a set of all three e-books to give away to a lucky reader!

Melissa A found L.B. on Twitter, while doing a search on 90 Day Fiance tweets. L.B. posted about how one of her books was perfect for fans of the show and it was like a match made in literary heaven!

L.B. Lewis writes about modern culture, including paying off student loan debt, looking for love, and finding the perfect job. Her debut novel, and first book of the series, THE RIGHT OF WAY, took her ten years to finish. It received five-star reviews from The Manhattan Book review and Readers’ Favorite. A MINOR DETOUR, the second book in the series, reached #12 in the Amazon Kindle Store and was called “a thoroughly entertaining read” by The Wishing Shelf Awards. ONE WAY HOME rounds out the trilogy and was released late 2018.

Aside from writing, L. B. loves palm trees, cooking, traveling, and laughing. She wrote her first poem at age three while swinging on a swing in Cleveland, Ohio. Visit L.B. at her website and on Twitter, Goodreads, and YouTube.

The Right of Way:
After graduating with her MBA, adulting proves wildly more difficult than Sierra Wellington had ever imagined. She is on a serious quest to pay off her student loan debt and takes the first job offer to come her way. From dysfunctional jobs that take her from Washington, D.C. to Houston to San Francisco, Sierra remains optimistic that she can achieve financial stability by working hard. But when she meets a handsome entrepreneur in San Francisco, Sierra begins to realize the power to control her life is in her own hands.

A Minor Detour:
Sierra Wellington is a millennial at a crossroads after she leaves San Francisco to take a job at a startup in Madrid. In her minor detour to Europe, Sierra attempts to establish a career, pay off her student loans and find romance. But, after the startup job and its founder leave her less than fulfilled, she wonders why she got her MBA in the first place. With more travel as a means of self-discovery and a quest for romance, a series of events leaves her stranded in France with only her backpack. Her adventure takes an unexpected turn as what happens next is what she'd been waiting for all along.

One Way Home:
After leaving the south of France, Sierra is ready for romance in Paris. When her expectations prove to be a far cry from reality, she questions if true love really does exist. It's only then does she get the surprise of her life, but unsure if it is destiny or just a coincidence.

With a one-way ticket home to Detroit to attend her sister's graduation party she must face her past to understand where to go next. Serendipitously, she is met by opportunities that clearly show her the path to her true home and live a life she had always dreamed about. New adult fiction and third in the series, A Modern Trilogy. American woman author.

**Synopses courtesy of Amazon**

What was the inspiration behind A Modern Trilogy?
I was at a job that was supposed to be my dream job and I hated it. I started writing during this time and finished The Right Of Way (Book One) after ten years of working gradually on it. I was inspired to tell the story that wasn’t common in TV shows and movies that involved how life really is when you have loans to pay, are struggling to figure out your career path and trying to date all at the same time. It was important for me to write as authentically as possible and develop characters that weren’t afraid to show their flaws.

I also have been very inspired by Madame Bovary, the Bridget Jones series and The Count of Monte Cristo, a few of my favorite books.

In one sentence, describe your journey to publishing.
My journey to publishing is like discovering the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow where I’m able to share the richness of life and art in the written form for everyone to enjoy.

If you could cast the characters from A Modern Trilogy as a movie or TV series, who would you choose for the leading roles?
That’s a good question! Since I’m a self-published, indie author I would like to give a few roles to talented, rising actors who resonant with the story and characters. I would also be interested in Javier Bardem play Cristian because he is such a versatile actor that could capture the complexity of Cristian brilliantly. Also, I’ve always been a fan of Taye Diggs and would like him to play Ismael.

What is something you are looking forward to in 2019?
As one of my New Year’s Resolutions I’m looking forward to publishing more content related to culture and lifestyle. I just published a book review of Life with Picasso on Medium and am excited to write more this year.

I’m also enthusiastic about organizing new events in 2019 including writing workshops, happy hours, and panel discussions with great sponsors in San Francisco and other cities to be announced. Events have been a great way for me to build community and connect with new readers.

What surprises you most about adulting?
A lot of us were brought up to believe there was an equation for happiness and that if you did everything “right” i.e. got a good education and a good job, you’d be happy.

What has surprised me is how many people who have done everything “right” are miserable. And, more surprising, they give up on their dreams.

What TV show are you currently binge watching?
I’m a true romantic that loves traveling and 90 Day Fiancé has been one of my all-time favorites! First Dates, Un Dîner Presque Parfait, and Golden Girls are also shows that I really like.

Thanks to L.B. Lewis for visiting with us and sharing her books with our readers!

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Janine said...

Being an adult is not what I thought it would be when I was younger.

Kate Vocke said...

Adulting suprises me everyday! It's all about being places on time and making appointments and getting things done. It's so much work. I am surprised at how much work it is to be an adult!

Kelly Rodriguez said...

Adulting is a hard job that never lets up!

Sherry said...

Adulting it's harder than one thinks. There us no magical rode that will lead you to your dreams. Sometimes your dreams just weren't exactly what you thought. Just a lot of trial and error, forgetting the nonsense I was given and finding my own way. Stay true to myself.

Kelley B said...

Adulting is not for the faint of heart!