Friday, January 25, 2019

Book Review: The RiverCliffe Legacy

By Sara Steven

Three years after her divorce, Risa Armitage is still trying to get back on her feet. Living in the basement of her mother’s brownstone with three kids, one bathroom and no cross ventilation is not her—or her three kids’—ideal.

When the family of the father that she never knew leaves her a surprise inheritance, RiverCliffe, Risa knows her prayers have been answered. She plans a quick trip up to the Hudson Valley to check out the inn and the surrounding farm before figuring out what to do with her newfound wealth.

But when the long weekend results in a summer retreat, and Risa begins to realize there’s more to RiverCliffe than just a source of income. Her kids are each finding a place to fit in, and she’s finding the local sheriff has a lot more going for him that just keeping the peace. Then there’s the crazy story about all the Cliffe women from the past, and the graveyard right next door…

As Risa learns more about the history of RiverCliffe, and the father who abandoned her, the more she realizes her future is not just determined by who she is now. With humor, warmth, a little help from the beyond, she learns that to move forward means to accept her place among a line of women all blessed—or cursed—with the RiverCliffe Legacy. (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

There was a lot of transition in The RiverCliffe Legacy. While Rita is trying to find balance for herself, you also get to see what all the changes and turbulence has done to her children, through their actions and their interactions. Even with the potential upgrade of going from living with their grandmother, to living at RiverCliffe, the children have to adjust and find a new way of understanding, giving semblance to this familial dynamic as best they can. This extends to everyone, even the employees, and all of the characters feed off one another, lending into who they are and why they choose to behave the way they do.

There was a perfectly written love triangle for Risa, and it was really hard to determine who you would like for her to end up with, even if they both seem like they could potentially be less than ideal. Who you fall for isn’t always practical, and I felt this was expertly portrayed. One man fulfills her in a more attuned way, while the other, spiritually. But in the end, Risa’s biggest hurdle will be trying to decide on whether she can live with someone, or if she’s better off without, relying more on herself.

Out of everything, though, I loved Risa’s legacy the most. While learning about her failed marriage, her failed familial relationships and the new relationships she forges at RiverCliffe, we learn so much more about who Risa is and the magical ambiance that surrounds her. One of my favorite plot lines ever would be the history behind the Legacy, how the women past and present are all a part of it, and how, even through death they are all connected to one another. Bottom line, it was the ultimate homage to sisterhood, and well worth the five stars I’ve given The RiverCliffe Legacy.

Thanks to Dee Ernst for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Dee Ernst said...

Thank you so much for such a lovely review!

Sandy said...

Oh, I adore Dee Ernst's books. They are full of heart and humour. My fave, which made me laugh out loud throughout, is Stealing Jason Wilde - hilarious.

She's a terrific writer and I look forward to reading this one.

Janine said...

This sounds really good. I definitely want to read it.