Thursday, April 19, 2018

Nikki LeClair's brag-able a book giveaway

We're pleased to feature Nikki LeClair today and feature her latest novel, Reuniting Reality. As part of her blog tour, you can enter to win an Amazon gift card or a signed copy of this novel!

Nikki LeClair lives in Canada with her loving husband and their two rambunctious children. When she isn’t ordering her children to behave or begging her Border Terrier to listen to her, she sits behind her lap-top plotting out the next adventure of her new characters. She’s a fan of a good glass of Pinot Noir, and can’t live without her favorite Tea blends.

She enjoys hearing from readers and fans of her work.

Visit Nikki online:
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Promo Signup || Nikki LeClair – Reuniting Reality (Blog Tour 4/16-4/22)Synopsis:
Starring opposite her best friend in hit reality TV show Daughter of Famous Mothers, Julie Duncan was riding high, clouded with adoring fans and cozily married to an ambitious plastic surgeon. One day, everything changed. Betrayed by not only her husband, but someone she completely trusted, Julie disappeared from that life and left it all behind.

Four years later, Julie’s life is far from brag-able. Living with her sister and scraping by doing D-list gigs, Julie is given an opportunity to fix her pathetic life. The only catch? Spending a week on camera with the people who destroyed her life. 

So what’s a girl to do when her back is against the wall? 
✓ Create a new, improved version of herself—a version that has moved on and let go the trials of the past. 
✓ Invent a hopping new social life and a hot Olympian boyfriend. 
✓ Beg forgiveness from her former best friend.
Simple enough until her fake new boyfriend suddenly shows up, her former best friend gives the cold shoulder, her ex-husband is as shady as ever, and butterflies she thought had died long ago begin to flutter alive. 

Will Julie be able to keep up her ruse? Or will the cameras catch something she won’t ever be able to escape?

Which authors have inspired you?
Definitely Sophie Kinsella. When I was about thirteen, Confessions of a Shopaholic was the first chick lit I ever read, so her impact on me was pretty major. Helen Fielding is another. Janet Evanovich. Gillian Flynn, A.J. Finn, and Oscar Wilde. I've worn out three copies of Dorian Grey in the last decade.

Why did you decide to write Chick Lit?
I love things that make me laugh. That make me feel life can be humorous, it's suppose to not be taken so seriously. I think that's why I love to write chick lit. It can be light, funny, quirk, and romantic. Often times a good chick lit leaves you in a positive mood and I think people need that. Not everything has to be so heavy all of the time. Life's not meant to be that way.

If Reuniting Reality were made into a movie, who would you cast as the lead characters?
Funny enough, before I even begin writing, sometimes I'll cast the characters in my head. I picture them as an actor I saw recently or even someone I've come across in my life. For Reuniting Reality, I had casted Charlie Cox as Declan, Kathy Najimy as castmate supermom Brooke, Jason Priestley as Jule's brother Finley, and Julian McMahon as Jule's ex-husband Adam. Funny enough, I don't know who would play Jules herself, or her best friend Reagan.

What is your most unique trait?
Does thriving in chaos count? If so, that's it. I can find anything in a mess. A mess I created, or someone else has created. Like a sixth sense. My work space is a mess, but I write better that way. If not, then its discipline. Especially when it comes to writing, or working out, or working towards
a goal but that took years to get a grip on. Sometimes I still lose it.

What piece of clothing have you owned the longest?
My communion gown. From the mid 90's. It's got puff sleeves and a high neck and Anne of Avonlea would just love it.

What TV series reminds you the most of your life?
Oh man, this is hard as I watch a lot of TV...but I'd have to go with Parks and Recreation. Only because people have compared me to Ann on the show, and I once worked for a small county. Sometimes I feel like Ron though.

Thanks to Nikki for visiting with us and to Karan and Co for sharing this giveaway with our readers. Visit the other stops on Nikki's tour.

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Melissa said...

This is a challenging question! I'm not sure I can pick just one TV show, so I'll mention a couple of my top favorites: Shark Tank, The Chew, Rise, and Undercover Boss!

Janine said...

My favorite reality shows are the Housewives series, but only the OC and Dallas ones. I also (sometimes) watch a couple car building shows with my husband, Counting Cars and some of the Street Outlaw shows.

traveler said...

I enjoy Undercover Boss and Shark Tank. Real and smart and unique. The Profit too. Fascinating.

Kelley Blair said...

I'm a Survivor fan.

Rita Wray said...

I would have to say Shark Tank

Karan Eleni said...

Thanks for being a host on Nikki's tour today!! <3

RD said...

The Real Housewives of New York

Jessica said...

Southern Charm for sure! (the one in Charleston, SC-where I live)

diannekc said...

Southern Charm, because Charleston SC is one of my favorite cities and I like to see how they live in Charleston.

Linda Kish said...

I like the kid's baking shows. And Masterchef Junior. I can't do anything like that. I'm in awe of them.

Mary C said...

I enjoy watching Trading spaces.

jodi marinich said...

i love the real housewives shows and nj is my favorite

Melanie Backus said...

I love Survivor.

katevocke said...

Big Brother!! The Best!!

Calvin F. said...

Not really into any of them I don't have one that I watch currently.

bn100 said...

no fav

John Smith said...

"What is your favorite reality TV show?" The British royal family--I love how they keep creating new characters!

Tatum Rangel said...

I don't watch reality TV.