Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Book Review: Totlandia Book a special giveaway

By Melissa Amster

**Synopsis contains SPOILERS. This is the last book in an eight-part episodic series. Each book completes a story arc, but it includes a series cliffhanger that connects Books 1-4; And then Books 5-8.**

The final book of the series is filled with surprising conclusions for the Pacific Heights parents you’ve come to love—and the one you love to hate:

Stress from the club and motherhood puts Lorna into a tailspin that threatens her life. Will Matthew make the right choice for her and their children?

Jade’s past puts her career and her marriage to Reggie in jeopardy;

And in the hope of salvaging her friendship with Jillian, Ally makes a decision that will affect their lives forever. But can it also save her relationship with Brady?

Finally: when Art’s funeral fails to end Bettina’s personal purgatory in San Francisco’s social circles, her new puts her back on top—but her successes come at a high price: the love and acceptance of those she loves most.

Welcome to Totlandia's summer of love, lust, temptation, and redemption. (Courtesy of Amazon.)

The wild ride has, sadly, come to an end. However, the last book is filled with some interesting surprises and wraps up the series nicely. As you may already know, I was completely hooked on Totlandia from book one. Each book is just the right length...not too long, not too short. They all packed a satisfying punch and quenched my thirst for gossip, scandal, revenge, steamy bedroom action, etc. There was an underlying theme of friendship throughout, as well. I even felt a kinship with the main characters. That includes Bettina, believe it or not!

I can't say too much as to not spoil anything, but if you're into a story with a telenovela feel or you just want something sexy and snarky (yes, a book series about motherhood has some NC-17 material...what else do you expect from Josie Brown?!?), give this series a try. You can take a break between books, or just devour them all at once; whatever works for your reading schedule! They're addictive though!

I hope Josie will revisit the moms of Pacific Heights in the future, maybe for a reunion series, or even a longer book that tells us where they are now. I have a feeling their stories are not over!

Thanks to Josie for the book in exchange for an honest review. She has TWO sets of the first four e-books (known as The Onesies) for some lucky readers!

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I would like to see the two new characters, Tani and Junior, on Hawaii 50 get together.

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Kelley and Kidd on Chicago Fire.

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