Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Book Review: Totlandia (The Twosies, Book 5: Fall) a special giveaway

By Melissa Amster

I have been a fan of Josie Brown's Totlandia series for the past year or two, so I was excited to start a new chapter in the lives of Lorna, Ally, Jade, and Jillian with the Twosies, picking up where the Onesies left off. (Please note that there are spoilers for the Onesies, but you'll have a chance to win those books if you scroll down.)

When Bettina Cross is faced with having to share the leadership of her beloved Pacific Heights Moms and Tots Club with her sister-in-law, Lorna Connaught, she plays dirty—only to discover that her actions have aligned her two true enemies: Kimberley Savitch, and Kelly Overton.

Bettina’s problems are compounded when Daniel Warwick, a Department of Justice prosecutor, wants to use her as bait to trap her soon-to-be ex, Art, into coming home and answering to long list of fraud charges. The fact that Art has scammed most of San Francisco’s wealthiest families has Bettina fighting desperately to preserve her most priceless possession: her social standing.

When Brady lines up venture capital funding for Life of Pie, Ally must tamp down his gung-ho power ranger tendencies, while at the same time shore up Jillian’s insecurities that her pies won’t live up to Brady’s promises.

And now that the once homeless Reggie is teaching the complete works of Shakespeare to UC Berkeley undergrads, Jade struggles with her fear that she’s competing for his affections with his younger, more beautiful students.

Finally, an unexpected tragedy puts Jillian in the middle of her ex's life again—with consequences that will affect her future and those of her twins—forever.

The leaves are falling, and there’s a bitter chill in the air—but Mother Nature has nothing to do with it. Blame it on human nature—in this case, Pacific Heights parents behaving badly.
(Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

Since the last time I read a Totlandia book, I started watching Jane the Virgin. While reading Book Five, I was reminded of this much-loved TV series. Both have lots of scandals and secrets, people you can't trust, romantic entanglements, backstabbing, sex, and humor. I could easily see the narrator of Jane the Virgin having a field day with Totlandia.

It was interesting to see Bettina taken down a few pegs. I felt sorry for her sometimes and thought of Mrs. Perfect by Jane Porter, where the stuck-up character becomes the likable one after a set of circumstances occur beyond her control. Even so, Bettina has a ways to go, as she's still materialistic and snobby. It was nice to see her vulnerable side though.

I was also glad to see that an aspect of Book Four was toned down in Book Five. It was still prevalent, but more talk than action, which I appreciated this time around.

Book Five has even more scandal and betrayal, along with some new and exciting twists. There was only one part that was predictable and that was something minor and funny, which goes to show that Josie will pull out a lot of game changers when we least expect them. I am already eager to read Book Six!

A while ago, I asked Josie to cast some of the lead characters in the Totlandia series. While I agree with Jennifer Garner as Bettina, I could also see Laura Ramsey from Hindsight in this role. I have some other ideas up my sleeve, as well.

Ally: Monica Potter (after watching Parenthood for a while, this was an easy choice.)
Kimberley: Bridget Regan (She plays Rose on Jane the Virgin.)
Jillian: Ellie Kemper (Kimmy Schmidt)
Jade: Brooklyn Decker
Brady: Reid Scott 
Lorna: Jenna Fischer or Lake Bell

Thanks to Josie Brown for the book in exchange for an honest review. She has an e-book set of the Onesies (Books 1-4) for a lucky reader anywhere in the world!

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