Monday, January 15, 2018

Book Review: One Way Ticket

By Sara Steven

Sabrina Monroe is poised and ready for her future as Mrs. Todd Edward Blakely. Everything seems perfect, but on the big day, suddenly she's not so sure. Her nicely mapped out life ahead of her, she finds herself in her own movie scene as the runaway bride, climbing out of the bathroom window. All she can think is escape.

Addison Bloom needs a life makeover. She's travelled the world to find love--and failed. On her way back from yet another friend's wedding, she starts to feel ill at the mere thought of seeing another veil that's not hers. Should she go back home and marry her former sweetheart, or stick it out looking for love in her new home?

Sabrina and Addison are both on the run, wanting to escape to a new life. As the two strangers talk at an airport, discovering they have the same job at opposite ends of the country, a crazy idea unfolds--one which might provide the answers they've both been looking for. (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

What a unique and refreshing twist on living vicariously through someone else’s experiences! At first I wondered, just as much as the characters had, how their ideas and brainstorming would unfold. Where would it take them, and ultimately, where would it lead? Then I found myself very much engrossed and invested in what Sabrina and Addison discover during their crazy journey, wanting to find out how they’d tackle the next hurdle, the next adventure, or should I say, misadventure.

I liked having insight into both Sabrina and Addison’s experiences. Written in alternating points of view allowed for that. It also gave me a better idea of who each character is, deep down, and how that relates to everything going on around them. It also allowed me to see the bigger picture, the background of where this story takes place, on opposite ends of the country; plenty of sunshine in Orlando, plenty of sea air in San Francisco, well described for both cities. I felt as though those two locations really added another layer to who these women are, and what makes them tick.

Fate has a way of bringing two people together, that ordinarily would never have entered into one another’s lives, as is the case for Sabrina and Addison. I think the thing I respected the most about this friendship, is their ability to lean on one another, even when faced with such an odd situation that usually would never present itself. This relationship may not span several years, but for what it’s worth, what they’ve been through has brought them together in such a way, that they’ve formed an impenetrable tie that sees them through, something I’m sure most of us strive for in our own friendships.

Thanks to Melissa Baldwin and Kate O'Keeffe for the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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Janine said...

Thanks for the recommendation!

Kate O'Keeffe said...

Thanks for the great review! Addi and Sabrina's relationship was key for us, despite them being on either side of the country from one another. We're so pleased you enjoyed the book! Kate