Monday, November 27, 2017

Book Review: Saving Grace

By Sara Steven

A novel of trust, friendship, love and betrayal. Grace returns home after years living abroad and the first face she sees throws her emotions into turmoil. How could she have forgotten Charlie, her very first love? The presence of the estranged Eddie, Charlie's twin brother, painfully reminds her of the tragic past they share but he seems as reluctant to talk about it as Grace does. Her mind is somewhat preoccupied with her new life, however...and her new boss, who leads her on a thrilling journey through the world of art. That is until the violent ex-lover she was trying to escape re-enters her life, bringing with him a dark underworld of treachery and heartache. This envelops everyone she cares for, drawing them into a complex web of mystery, menace and romance. (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon)

Saving Grace is the perfect title for this graceful novel. There was an elegance to it, a gentle nuance while learning about Grace and her traumatic past. It really drew me into the plot and into the relationships she has with those who represent her present, and those who represent her past, particularly the violent ex-lover.

That was a story line I hadn’t seen coming, not at first. In the beginning, I thought Grace had meant to return home for other reasons, and I could feel the tension, could see the build-up. It was a subject worth delving into, particularly because Susanna O’Neill doesn’t hold back on what it’s like for Grace to go through this abusive relationship. The second guessing and wondering if there’s any way to survive an experience like that, honesty and all.

There is a lot of history here, within the characters. A lot of backstory that gave me the full picture on why Grace is the way she is, the moments she’s shared with her loved ones, and what ultimately drove her away into an even worse situation. As the synopsis states, she’s been brought into a dark underworld of treachery, a place she never thought she’d find herself in, not when she’s worked so hard to reinvent herself and start over.

At one moment, you wish she’d fall for one guy in particular, and then the moment changes, and you’re certain she should end up with someone else. A definite love triangle, and just when she starts to feel as though she knows exactly what (and who) she wants, the man in question throws a wrench in the entire situation, leaving everyone, the reader included, breathless.

I had a really hard time putting this one down. In fact, I’m fairly certain I finished the book in two days, it was that good. A must-read for those who love their romance tinged with mystery and adventure, and can appreciate the evolution of a woman who at one point in time, felt as though she had no other options and no way out.

Thanks to Susanna O'Neill for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Ralph Carpenter said...

Thank you for sharing this great book review. I am hugely convinced to get myself a copy of Saving grace to keep me up and clicking during this holiday!