Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Angela Correll's unique date night...plus a special giveaway

We're pleased to have Angela Correll at CLC today! Her latest novel, Granted, is publishing next week. To celebrate, she is giving away a Plainview Set of Four Basket from her store, Kentucky Soaps & Such. This includes a body cream, bar soap, hand soap, and sugar scrub from the store's flagship brand, a collection of organic goat milk bath products, Plainview Farm. 

Angela Correll is the author of the May Hollow Trilogy – which includes her previous novels, Grounded and Guarded (links are to reviews). With humor, mystery and romance, the small-town characters take readers on a journey of the heart from Kentucky farm country to Italy and back again.

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Synopsis (may contain spoilers for Grounded and Guarded):
Former international flight attendant Annie Taylor is embracing her country roots and racing toward a future with her sustainable farmer fiancé, but wedding plans are complicated by her new job, a mysterious ex-boyfriend, and a narcissistic father.

Meanwhile, Annie’s old-fashioned grandma, Beulah, is facing a shake-up in the last place she ever thought she would—home. A crisis on May Hollow Road follows a friend’s betrayal, challenging Beulah’s forgiving nature. An unwelcome diet, a new houseguest, and a possible overseas trip will all stretch her spirit—if she lets it.

Granted takes readers from the comforts of the Kentucky countryside to old-world Tuscany with a cast of memorable characters. Granted follows Grounded and Guarded in the May Hollow Trilogy.
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In recent years, my husband and I had fallen into a date night rut. We were vigilant about guarding our time together on Fridays, but it usually meant dinner and a movie at home. On top of that, we live on a farm outside a small town, so our favorite restaurant is the one we own with our Chef partner. We love going there, but it can be hard to enjoy it for a date since we know most everyone who walks through the doors.

We talked about changing it up, doing something different, and getting out of our comfort zone. But the Fridays continued to roll around and each week stayed the same. We made dinner at home and relaxed into two mindless hours of movie time on the couch. It was comfortable and easy, but it was also boring.

Earlier this year, I noticed an advertisement for an Italian class in Lexington, nearly an hour from us. It was on Monday nights and ended at 7:30 p.m., just in time for dinner out. We talked about it and decided to sign up. We both rearranged our Mondays so we could leave in time to make the 5:30 p.m. start time.

We enjoyed the ride up, talking about our day and decompressing. Sometimes we went over our homework, quizzing each other on vocabulary words and parts of speech. We drove to the heart of downtown for class and enjoyed two stimulating hours, pushing our minds to wrap around a foreign language, the language of a place we love and visit as often as possible. We met interesting people from completely different walks of life, but all with a common love for Italy.

After class, we tried out several restaurants in Lexington, and enjoyed the new experiences. But as the weeks went on, we found ourselves coming back to Dudley’s on Short, a longtime culinary institution on the Lexington scene. It’s within walking distance of the Carnegie Center, where our classes were held, so it became our favorite date night to end the evening in the comfortable seating of a fine old restaurant, with the perfect lighting, delicious food and sweet conversation.

Dinner at Dudley’s turned into my favorite night on the town, and even now, with our classes over, I long for those Mondays when we pushed ourselves to learn and grow, and do something outside of our normal routine. Mondays weren’t easy and there were times we both dreaded the drive up as we were in the middle of busy days. Yet, each time we invested with each other on our night out, it paid rewards we are still reaping.

Thanks to Angela for visiting with us and sharing a gift basket with our readers!

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Janine said...

Stepping out of my comfort zone would probably be when I have to do something social. I'm not good at meeting people or starting conversations. As far as a night out ritual, we don't do date night or anything. It's been several years since we have been able to go out for fun.

Rita Wray said...

I have stepped forward and introduced myself to strangers which isn't easy because I'm shy.

Jessica said...

Trying new work outs is how I step out of my comfort zone.

Burma Turner said...

The biggest thing I ever did to step out of my comfort zone was to go to the Harley-Davidson Training Center in Kansas for a year. I was terrified, but I made it through with my husband's support!

dstoutholcomb said...

I've volunteered at a few events and that put me out of me comfort zone.


Nancy said...

I've stepped out of my comfort zone by running - and completing - a marathon.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Kelley Tackett said...

Date night is so hard to fit in. I love the idea of learning a new language. I would love go to concerts and plays and musicals. It’s hard to find the time and the money.

diannekc said...

I stepped out of my comfort zone when I moved from Michigan to Southern Illinois after I got married. Two years later we moved to Chicago, which was a big step for me. A big change from living in Michigan.

Mary Preston said...

For my night out ritual my shoes are the last thing I put on before I head out the door.

M faleminderit said...

That's a nice soothing prize.

Tatum Rangel said...

Attending a book discussion with a group of strangers was my way of stepping out of my comfort zone. :)

Anonymous said...

I used to get a little worried about traveling to places that I might feel slightly uncomfortable with but in recent years I've just chosen to overcome that and go out and see something totally new and different--life is an adventure!

Di said...

Sometimes just going out of the house is outside my comfort zone, so I have to push myself.

Kenia said...

I tend to always play it safe and never try new things. I knew I had to change that and be more adventurous. This year I rode a hot air balloon ride! Amazing!!

bn100 said...


NishT said...

I stepped out of my comfort zone when I volunteered with the rescuing of dogs charity in my community. I love dogs but am pretty shy. It was so much fun and I felt so good helping those dogs, especially those that were sick. As a bonus I made some great friends.
Also stepped out of my comfort zone when I started hiking. As a child growing up I was terrified of heights. The hiking helped me overcome my fear.

Kelley said...

This would be a luxurious treat!