Monday, April 11, 2016

Guest Book Review: Start with the Backbeat

By Amber Myers

Music. It has always helped me. If I’m feeling down, it’s there. If I’m feeling excited, it’s there. It’s why I was excited to read Start With The Backbeat by Garinè B. Isassi. It’s about Jill, who works at Mega Big Records in 1989. She’s on the search for the next big rap star. I’ll be honest: I do not like rap. But I could still appreciate that they worked in the music industry. Plus…Sting is mentioned in the book, and I love Sting.

As Jill is searching for the next big star, she’s also dealing with her love life. The guy she was seeing, Jonathan, is in a band. She discovers he’s been with other women, and obviously that won’t fly. Then there’s Alejandro, the IT guy, who is different from the men she usually dates. She’s not sure about him, but he sure seems to like her. Should she give him a chance? Or hope Jonathan changes his ways?

I loved how this book had lyrics throughout. They were good lyrics too. Even the rap ones had some lines that made me smile and again, I do not like rap. This book reminded me that I could not work in the music industry even though I love music. It seems insanely stressful. But amusing. There were a lot of funny lines and moments. Plus I was tickled that the book was set in 1989—I love when I get to go “back in time.”

This book made me giggle, gasp, and bob my neck to the music in my head. People will enjoy this story and be thrilled to be transported to 1989. Plus, did I mention Sting makes an appearance? You can never go wrong with Sting.

Thanks to BookSparks for the book in exchange for an honest review. It's part of their "It's Raining Books" tour.

Amber Myers is a military wife and mom to a son with Aspergers and a daughter who is dramatic. She blogs over at Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Post At A Time and loves to read and write when her children allow it.


Janine said...

Great review. I loved the music back then. But I didn't (and still don't) like rap.

Samantha said...

Awesome review! I've got to check this book out!!

Lolo said...

Reading it now. The only thing I don't like about it is that I'm almost finished!