Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Book Review: What Happens in the Alps

By Sara Steven

Sometimes, the best remedy for a broken heart, is a change of scenery. Nobody knows that better than Annie Brewer. Two years ago, she’d lost her better half in a tragic mountain climbing accident. Still processing the grief she feels and trying hard to move on with her life, she makes the move to Santorso, located in the Italian Alps. Her goal is to continue on with her own passions in life, starting up a new business and beginning anew. Little does she know of what (and who) would be waiting for her.

Matt Brown had been best friends with Annie’s husband, and she’d come to know him as quite the lady charmer. Theirs had been a friendship forged in camaraderie, and while she’d heard from him often while he was out and about living an adventurous lifestyle, she would have never guessed that he’d be settling roots down in the same vicinity as her! It’s hard not to fantasize a little about Matt, considering just how easy on the eyes he is, yet Annie knows better. The last thing she wants to be is another notch on his bedpost.

And then there’s the gorgeous Alessandro Lago, a charming gentleman who goes above and beyond when it comes to the dating realm. With this man, it’s all about fast cars and expensive wine. He definitely looks good on paper, even if his lifestyle doesn’t quite mesh with the world Annie lives in. She’s taking a step outside of her comfort zone with him, though, and maybe that’s what it’s all about. It’s time for her to let go of the past and embrace the future!

If only Annie could truly let go of her past, without letting go of Matt. For some strange reason, she can’t help feeling as though he’s “home” for her. Is it due to his connection with her deceased husband, or is there more to the story?

I truly enjoyed T.A. Williams’ take on Annie, in What Happens in the Alps. Having read two of his other novels, When Alice Met Danny and What Happens at Christmas, I can honestly tell you they just keep getting better and better! While some would question whether a male author can really get into a woman’s head and write her adequately, I felt T.A. does a fine job of it, because I was very much able to identify with Annie’s thought process and feelings where matters of the heart are concerned.

There’s nothing better than a love triangle, and Annie finds herself in a doozy of one. It was written beautifully, flowed well, and I never felt as though there was a lack of rhythm to the story line. I have to say, though, that my only gripe with Alps is the way it ended. I’d hoped for a little bit more, but the rest of the novel more than makes up for it, which is why I gave Annie’s story five stars.

At the end of my reading journey with any novel, I reflect on the characters I’ve gotten to know and appreciate all I’ve discovered. I felt as though through Annie’s experiences, I learned a lot about letting go of the past, holding on to those you love, living in the moment, and looking forward to the future.

Thanks to Karan Eleni for the book in exchange for an honest review. Visit her website to see the full tour schedule and enter to win an e-book copy of WHAT HAPPENS IN CORNWALL!

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