Friday, April 22, 2016

Book Review: The Big Lead

By Sara Steven

Stella Reynolds is new to the job, new to the state, and new to making mistakes in front of thousands of people, but that’s exactly what she signs up for when she takes a job as a TV reporter in the mountains of Bozeman, Montana. Being on live TV in a small town has never been so funny, until Stella covers the town’s first murders in years.

When the prime suspect’s girlfriend enlists Stella to help clear his name, she uncovers another shocking crime that could expose a handful of powerful insiders.

Who is honest, who can’t be trusted, and who committed the murders? Stella is on a tight deadline to find out. Can she help free an innocent man, or will the real culprit get away with murder? (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

One of my favorite things about The Big Lead would have to be the incredible characters who make up Bozeman, Montana. Stella suddenly finds herself amidst some really interesting coworkers and even neighbors, lending in to the perfect chick lit mystery. Whether she’s dealing with her super obnoxious, Oscar the Grouch-like neighbor, Janet, or the beautiful, acerbic co-anchor Vindi, Stella attempts to take it all in stride. Even when John, her hunky competition, shows interest in her, she tries hard to fight against what her heart is telling her, choosing to follow her head, instead.

If only it were that easy, after the murders occur. There’s no clear-cut evidence to point to any one person, especially not the man who Stella feels has been falsely accused. Soon, she sets out on a wild goose chase, only leading her further into danger. There’s a lot more behind the little town of Bozeman than meets the eye, much to Stella’s chagrin. She wants to do the right thing, yet she’s thwarted at nearly every turn!

I had such a fun time reading The Big Lead! It’s not often a mystery can stump me, leaving me wondering who the culprit is. I really was guessing until the very end, only adding to the intrigue. That is a true testament to how well this novel was written, completely keeping me on the line from page one!

Thanks to Libby Kirsch for the book in exchange for an honest review.


Kristi said...

Cool! I needed a new mystery on my "to-read" list!

Janine said...

Wonderful review

Hair and nails said...

Not my favorite genre but a nice combination all the same