Monday, November 16, 2015

Book Review: Post-Traumatic Brazilian Wax Syndrome

By Sara Steven

Bristow Sparks is on the fast track, professionally. Having recently landed the interior designing gig of a lifetime, working for the famous (or should that be infamous) reality tv star Cherry Wyeland, she’s ready to commit to the heavy demands and long hours required of her. It’s not like Bristow has any other commitments to tend to, anyway. She’s declared herself a shut-in after her last torturous relationship. The best things in life are Oreos, sweat pants, and her beloved dog, Vegas.

Until Bristow finds herself magnetically pulled to the man who’s always wearing his bike helmet in their spin class at the gym. She loves watching him, and finds herself fantasizing about him. When Bike Helmet a.k.a Jack Hoffmann invites Bristow out on a date, which turns into an epic disaster, she’s wondering if there’s any hope for her romantic life. It doesn’t help matters when Cherry starts dating Bristow’s ex, reopening the old wounds she’s tried really hard to keep hidden and forget.

Post-Traumatic Brazilian Wax Syndrome begs the question: Will you step outside of your comfort zone? It’s the theme for Bristow, who even through past pains and awkward, strange situations has decided to let loose a little, and learn to trust again. Along for the ride are her insane family members, who end up putting her into some ridiculous situations that made me shake my head and want to throttle a few of them. If only Jack were on Bristow’s side, and would look at her as more than just a friend. Or, maybe he already does, and she just doesn’t see it?

"Post-Traumatic" was cleverly written and a serious page-turner. Tamara Lyon created interesting and unique characters who burrow deep into your psyche, the kind who you’ll remember for a lifetime and won’t want to let go of!

Thanks to Tamara Lyon for the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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Janine said...

Just the name of this book scares me, but it does sound very good.

susieqlaw said...

What an original title!

Donna Barker said...

Thanks for the review.
I just checked out the free pages that are available on Goodreads and am killing myself laughing at the Prologue. I felt the same way and did the exact same thing after my first Brazilian wax. Ew. First two chapters hooked me. This is a must-read!