Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jami and Melissa A dish up some soup

Since authors and guests are sharing their good things and heartwarming stories, Jami and Melissa A felt moved to do the same! Enjoy your "soup."

Melissa A:

Birthday gift from Marlene at
Book Mama
Something good that happened to you recently: CLC hit 3500 likes on Facebook! And all the online and in-person love I got on my birthday.

Something good that happened to someone you know recently: My first cousin graduated from medical school. She also got married to a great guy in May. She's so kind and remarkable and I'm happy to see all these good things happen for her at once.

Something good you witnessed: My daughter hugging her friends at school. I just love that she's making friends and that she knows how to be one, as well.

Something good you heard on the news: Free book vending machines from Jet Blue for children. Yay for literacy promotion!  I also just saw a picture and story on Facebook about a man in Italy who gives out free children's books. There's also the mail carrier who helped a young boy get books, as he had access to none.

Something good someone did for you: A friend from work bought me lunch for my birthday (we went the day after, but still). It was a nice treat and a fun excuse for some work friends and I to do a lunch gathering again. Also, a close friend drove my husband home last week after his car got stuck in a garage. I know it was convenient since she was in the same area at the time, but it really helped a lot. It happened around the time our kids go to bed, so that's just insanity in my house!

Something good you did for someone else: A few years ago, my friend was taking her son to see The Laurie Berkner Band in concert. Her son is a huge fan, but didn't win this one contest Laurie was having. Since I had won a Skype interview with Laurie (for my younger son), I was connected with her publicist and got my friend and her son in to meet Laurie after the concert. My friend later posted a video of the experience. Her son made these cards for everyone in the band and was so excited to hand them out in person. :)


Although most people on this site know me as a reviewer and writer, I wear another hat when it comes to vocation – Realtor. After spending three years trying to sell my house in Maryland, find a house to rent in Florida, then a house to buy in Florida, it seemed silly not to apply everything I’d learned to help others who wanted to move to the Sunshine State. I joined Century 21 Beggins on St. Pete Beach last year.

I had a couple who was desperate to sell their condo and move to a more laid-back neighborhood. Problem was, there were a lot of two-bedroom condos in their development that were similar to theirs, and priced for less. We were getting a lot of lookers, but no buyers. When the listing approached its expiration date, they told me they wanted to list with a local brokerage that specialized in condos in the development. I did some research and gave them names of Realtors in that company who had actually sold some. I also utilized a Realtor old wives’ tale – that burying a statue of St. Joseph in the front yard would help sell the unit. (Since it was a condo, the seller placed it in a flower pot outside.)

Two weeks before expiration, I got a call from a buyers’ agent. Her buyers were in a hurry. Could they see the condo today? And how soon would my sellers be able to move out? That was on a Tuesday. We had a fully executed contract on Friday. The sale closed the last day in June.
Was it St. Joseph performing his magic again? Or had I put good karma into the universe by helping my sellers find another agent? I don’t know… but now I have to find them a place to buy!

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