Monday, October 20, 2014

Guest Book Review: Driving with the Top Down

By Amber Myers

Road trip!

Who doesn't love a fun road trip?

Colleen was looking forward to one. She finds antiques and other old things and turns them into something fantastic. She was planning on searching for antiques on her road trip while her husband and son go on a boy only trip.

But then her husband asks if she'll take their 16 year old niece, Tamara, with her. Tamara has gotten in trouble. A lot. It's probably because her mother died and she was put in the charge of a father who did not want a kid. (It's called a condom, dude.)

Colleen agrees to take her and they begin their trip. Colleen makes a stop in her old college town and while in a diner she used to frequent, she runs into Bitty, an old friend. (Bitty is not an old lady. I thought so because I immediately thought of "old bitty" which I know is probably rude of me. No, Bitty is called Bitty because she's tiny.)

Bitty has her own share of problems. She ran away from her marriage. Her mother raised her to be a creepy lady (meaning, she wasn't supposed to eat much. Hence why she's Bitty.) Bitty even debates killing herself. But then she sees Colleen and agrees to join in on the road trip.

All these women have their own set of problems. Will the problems be solved on the road trip? Or will they explode?

I enjoyed the friendship and the fact that they all helped each other in a way. Driving with the Top Down had me rooting for everyone. With all the depressing stories in the news, this was a nice escape. And yes, it made me want to go on a road trip. I also wanted to stick my feet in the air like on the book cover, but then I'd frighten those around me. I don't have the prettiest feet, after all.

Amber Myers is a military wife and mom to a son with Aspergers and a daughter who is dramatic. She blogs over at Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Post At A Time and loves to read and write when her children allow it.

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Janine said...

This sounds like a really good book. Thanks for the review.

OnDBookshelf said...

Looking forward to reading this one!

Viki said...

I love her books
Can't wait to read this one!!!