Friday, October 3, 2014

Book Review: When Alice Met Danny

By Sara Steven

How many Dannys can one Alice have?

After losing her job, Alice decides to leave London and start fresh in the small town of Devon. She doesn’t lose contact with Danny, her prior co-worker and soon-to-be renter of the flat she’d lived in when she had lived in London. She meets little Danny, who instantly steals her heart, and who can forget little Danny’s namesake, Daniel (or Danny, to his friends). There’s her neighbor, also Danny, and even a new friend’s dog is named what else? Danny! She finds herself surrounded by all this testosterone, and all for the better. It’s just what she needs to get her through the turbulent changes that await her in Devon, like the home she’s purchased, easily a condemned space. Too bad she made the transaction online vs. seeing the property in person before forking over the money. Or the old letters she finds within the confines of the house. She can trace them back to the early 1900s during war time, but who do they belong to, and why are they hidden in the house? What’s the connection?

The biggest change comes from within her heart. She finds herself smitten with not just one but all of her Dannys, in different ways. And in an instant, she finds she’s at risk of losing all of them.

You’d think with almost every character named Danny there would be room for confusion, but that’s not the case. T.A. Williams has written the characters well, and there are twists and turns relating to every one of them. My favorite, though, is the side story related to the letters. It’s touching and sweet, tying in well with the overall theme of the book. I found myself eagerly anticipating the outcome, and I wasn’t disappointed. Although I felt the start of the book was a little sluggish, once it got going it was rather engaging. I'd certainly recommend When Alice Met Danny to anyone looking for a romantic summer read!

Thanks to T.A. Williams for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Janine said...

The letters Alice finds leave me curious