Thursday, October 2, 2014

Book Review: What A Girl Wants

By Kathryn Hamilton

Tess Brookes has been in love with the same bloke for 10 years and has a career she loves. Just at the moment it appears she is going to get everything she wanted, Tess is whisked away to Milan with best friend Amy by her side. Suddenly she realizes that she has choices to make, personally and professionally. Will Tess decide what she wants before she loses it all?

I was a little late jumping on the Lindsey Kelk fan train; she had already achieved enormous success with her "I Heart" series before I picked up The Single Girl's To-Do List. Ms. Kelk quickly became one of my favourite authors. She is a talented storyteller with an amazing sense of humour. Her characters are brilliantly written and are always memorable. If you have already read one of her novels, you know you can guarantee strong yet flawed female leads, dashing men, saucy sex scenes, humour that will make you genuinely laugh, and supporting characters that you will love. What A Girl Wants is Ms. Kelk's newest novel, and the second in her series that follows Tess Brookes. It is not necessary to read the first novel (About A Girl) as readers are given enough information to fill in the blanks, but I definitely suggest that you do.

I would be completely surprised if readers aren't hooked by the prologue alone. Tess has found herself in quite the mess (as only she can do) and you want to keep reading to find out how in the world she got herself in the situation. Tess is a magnet for embarrassingly hilarious escapades. She is sassy, smart (most of the time, but we all have those moments, some more than others, where we think "What was I thinking?!"), and incredibly likeable. The love triangle reminds me of the great Pacey/Dawson debate (am I dating myself with that reference?). However, if it were me, there wouldn't be a choice. I am not a Charlie fan (some of his actions are questionable), although I do understand Tess' conflict.

While I enjoyed Tess, for me the best part of the novel is the supporting characters. I LOVE Amy. I can't say enough about this character. She is how I imagine the singer Adele is like in person. She has a mouth like a sailor but it's hard to be offended because of the delightful way the British speak. Al and Kekipi are also fantastic as the voices of reason.

It is a good sign when I can say that the only thing that disappointed me about a novel is that it ended. I love that Ms. Kelk carries her stories over several novels because it gives the characters a real chance to grow in a more organic way. I look forward to seeing where Tess' adventures take her next and what decisions she is going to make. I heart Lindsey Kelk and I know you will too!

Thanks to HarperCollins UK for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Great review. It sounds like a really good book.