Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Going Back in Time with Juliet Madison...plus a giveaway

Juliet Madison doesn't need an introduction these days. She's practically family now! She last visited us for International Chick Lit Month. We're so glad to have her back to kick off Nostalgia Month by taking about her favorite movies from the 80s! She is also doing a totally rad giveaway with her blog tour. You can win a bracelet from Mantraband and one of Juliet's e-books! Her latest novel, Haunted Ever After (which has a bit of "dirty dancing" in it), is included!

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My Top Ten 80s Movies

They just don’t make movies like they used to! Movies from the 1980s have a special place in my heart as they bring back so many memories. Here are my Top 10 faves and why I love them, in as much order as I could manage – it’s so hard to choose!

1. Dirty Dancing
Ahh… Best. Movie. Ever. It has it all: forbidden love, dancing, great characters, memorable music, intimate setting, and watermelons. I still want to learn the trademark dance routine and lift one day, it’s on the bucket list.

He's hot, but he's not Johnny!
2. Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Another dance movie. Can you tell I like dancing? As a young dance lover this movie was like candy to me. Sarah Jessica Parker will always be Janey to me. And my fave line at the end of the movie: “Let’s do it.” (translation: let’s dance and win this contest).

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Anyone else love this movie? Anyone? Anyone? ;) I think I still know the script by heart. What teen didn’t dream of having a really awesome fun day off school? What I love about this movie is Ferris’s philosophical words of wisdom, especially: “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

4. The Breakfast Club
This movie really inspired me as a writer, because it’s a great example of powerful dialogue. Most of the movie is set in the same room with a bunch of talking heads. But it is so compelling and entertaining.

5. The Lost Boys
Another movie I’ve memorized. My friends and I used to watch this repeatedly at our slumber parties, it will always be the best vampire movie to me.

6. Sixteen Candles
Your family forgets your sweet sixteenth birthday? Devastating! This movie epitomizes the best of 80’s flicks – teased hair, school politics, nerds versus jocks, and teenage angst. And that ending when her wish came true – swoon.

7. Peggy Sue Got Married
This may have subconsciously inspired my first novel, Fast Forward, as I love time travel stories and do-overs.

8. Back to the Future
Another time travel classic, great plot and characters, and fast-paced action. But… where’s my hoverboard?

9. Footloose
Gotta love a rebel character, and one who can dance at that. My fave scene is Kevin Bacon’s anger-fuelled dance in the warehouse. Swinging from all those pipes and stuff – cool!

10. Flashdance
Any movie about someone going for their dance dreams wins me over. And who could resist that final dance scene in the audition when she gives the judges a show to remember?

I often use movies as inspiration for my writing, and looking back over my fave 80’s movies is it any wonder I grew up to write romantic comedies and emotional romances with elements such as time travel, birthday wishes, dance scenes, clubs, and friendship? ;)

Mixing romance, humour and a sparkle of magic, Juliet Madison is back with a new full-length novel about a bride-to-be, a mystery and the stripper next door.
When bride-to-be Sally Marsh attends a weekend away with her bridesmaids, the last thing she expects is an uninvited guest: the ghost of her fiancé's ex-girlfriend.
Red is quirky, loud and distracting, and Sally is soon desperate to find the reason behind her presence, so she can rid herself of her embarrassing shadow before the wedding day. Unfortunately, the ghost is reluctant to share the reason for her existence, but very enthusiastic about Ty, the surprise hen’s night stripper who keeps showing up at awkward moments.
Time is running out for Sally, but it’s also running out for Red. By the time all is revealed, Sally will be tested to the limits, and go above and beyond everything she’s ever believed in order to ensure not only her own happy-ever-after – but Red’s as well.

BUY NOW from Escape Publishing or via the links below:

Thanks to Juliet for the trip down memory lane and for this awesome giveaway:

Win a bracelet of your choice from Mantraband worth $25, and one ebook of your choice by Juliet Madison. (Use the Rafflecopter to enter.) In addition, US readers can tell us their favorite 80s movie(s) for a chance to win a surprise 80s DVD! (One entry per person, contact info MUST be included, Google + not counted.)

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Janine said...

I like the uniqueness of a story with a bit of magic.

Unknown said...

Any story with a touch of magic brings a touch of happiness and wonder.....we all need these things in our life.

Juliet Madison said...

Thanks Melissa and Chick Lit Central for having me, and good luck everyone with the giveaways! :)

Jessica said...

Definitely The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee. It was sooo good!

susieqlaw said...

I love a little magic to extend the boundaries of what might happen in a story.

My favorite 80's movie: Say Anything

Sendsusanmail at gmail dot com

Pam Herstein said...

Has to be Airplane. The writers were comic geniuses. Beaver's mom speaking jive? C'mon!! They took serious actors like Leslie Nielson, Robert Stack, and Lloyd Bridges and had them deliver these outrageous lines with a straight face. The puns and lines were non stop. I found out from my son just a few days ago that the story was taken from an old movie from the 50s but oh, what they did with it! No matter how many times I've seen it, itmstill makes me laugh. Surely you can't be serious. I AM serious and don't call me Shirley!

Vivian said...

I like stories with a little magic, because anything can happen, and they take you right along with them. I really enjoyed Nora Roberts' Three Sisters Trilogy. They didn't have much comedy, but they had lots of magic and romance.


Janine said...

My favorite 80s movie is Valley Girl


Vivian said...

I really liked Back to the Future and have watched it several times. I also liked St. Elmo's Fire. It was recently on tv and I recorded it to see if it holds up - just haven't had a chance to watch it yet.


dstoutholcomb said...

love the freedom to put a little zing into the story with magic

bn100 said...

Star Wars

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Rita Wray said...

I love Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I was just talking about it with my husband the other day. He hasn't seen it so I told him we'll have to rent it, it's a fun movie.

I do like a little magic in my books.

Cathie said...

Dirty Dancing.

Suus said...

I love stories with a bit of magic. Magic realism is my favorite genre. Magic makes life a little bit better, because a sprinkle of it on an everyday situation suddenly turns it onto something extraordinary.

Unknown said...

Back to the Future is a top favorite.

I love the hope Zander fun that a little magic adds to a story!

Tina said...

I have to go with the Breakfast Club although When Harry Met Sally is a close, close second.

Connie Porter Saunders said...

Dirty Dancing & When Harry Met Sally

Unknown said...

One of my all time favorite 80's movie is Desperately Seeking Susan.

Unknown said...

I love stories with a touch of magic because it gives a sweet twist as well as joy often lost when we become adult.

Sandie W said...

My favorite 80's movie is Dirty Dancing with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun a closer second!

Brooke Showalter said...

I love stories with a hint of magic because they still seem very real! It's easy to think that the magic is real in the story as well, because the whole story is believable. So much fun!

Melissa said...

Thanks to those of you that participated in the surprise 80s DVD giveaway. Random.org chose one winner from all entries with contact info.

Congrats to Vivian!

Juliet's bracelet and e-book giveaway ends on 9/15, so don't forget to enter that one if you haven't already!