Monday, February 17, 2014

Katie Heaney is single and fabulous(!) a book giveaway

I know a lot of single gals.  For many of them, it's been awhile since their last relationship.  However, the fact remains that, unlike our guest author today, they've had at least one boyfriend.

Yes, that's right!  Katie Heaney is 20-something and hasn't had a boyfriend or long term relationship.  Instead of getting down about it, this editor at BuzzFeed has turned it into an opportunity to share with other women what it is like as a "very long-term single" and how she makes light of it all. In addition to BuzzFeed and her memoir, Katie's writing has also appeared in Outside Magazine online,, The Hairpin, The Awl, and, among other places.

So please give a warm Chick Lit Central welcome to Katie Heaney!

You can Katie at Facebook, Twitter and her website.

Thanks to Grand Central Publishing, we have a copy of Never Have I Ever for a lucky reader located in the US.

What inspired you to write your memoir, Never Have I Ever?
I wanted to make people laugh, and I thought that some of my vaguely romantic misadventures might be a good subject for that. I was writing these hyperbolically over-analytical pieces called "Reading Between the Texts" at the time, so this topic—wondering what is ever going on in my life with regard to guys—kind of followed naturally from that.

In one sentence, what was road to publishing like for you? 
I think for me it was absurdly and unusually painless and fun.

If Never Have I Ever was made into a movie, which celebrities would you want to star as you and your best friend, Rylee? 
OK I am embarrassed about it but we have talked about this. I want to be played by Jennifer Lawrence (haha, just a small and humble request!). Rylee should be played by Ari Graynor because they look somewhat alike and I think Ari would do justice to Rylee's easy charm and tomboyish bombshell personality.

Since you talk about real life crushes in your book, who was your celebrity crush as a kid and who is your current celebrity crush?
My celebrity crush as a kid was, of course, JTT. My main celebrity crush now is probably Jake Johnson, for playing Nick Miller on New Girl.

I know Valentine's Day is over for this year, but what is that holiday like for you? Do you embrace it or avoid it? In what way(s) do you embrace or avoid it? 
Oh, I don't really care. I think Valentine's Day is a dumb holiday, and I think New Year's Eve is a dumb holiday too. I don't like a holiday that tries to make you feel bad about yourself if you don't have really cool and glamorous plans. I don't like the manufactured romanticism. I will probably eat some candy that day, but then I do that most days.

What TV show, book, or movie reminds you most of your own life? 
Maybe Broad City? I mean, I'm probably fairly different from both protagonists (though sometimes close-ish to Abbi!), but as far as being a young woman who is obsessed with my best friends, I think that might be the closest. I'm really excited about that show.

Thanks to Katie for visiting with us and to Grand Central Publishing for sharing her book with our readers.

~Introduction by Tracey Meyers
~Interview by Melissa Amster

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