Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When it comes to writing, Carole Matthews squares her shoulders

To celebrate International Chick Lit Month right here, we're all doing tributes to some of our favorite authors. Here is what Cindy Roesel had to say about Carole Matthews.

When I was asked to write about an author whose novels always give me a “happy ending” I said, I’d love to write about Ms. Carole Matthews – known for writing fabulously funny romantic fiction!

The first thing you notice about Carole Matthews when you meet or see a picture of her is the incredible shoulders, because she’s inevitably wearing a sleeveless top. Then you add to those shoulders, a lovely soft voice and truly warm personality.

That’s what happened to me when I met Carole at the 2004 Romance Writer’s Conference in New York City. It was my first conference. I was totally nervous and in awe of everyone and everything. But I distinctly remember meeting Carole and being put at ease. WOW, A REAL PUBLISHED AUTHOR! She talked to me. She signed my books! She was so nice! And now...Carole Matthews is my Facebook friend!

Her new novel and count it, her 20th, SUMMER DAYDREAMS comes out this month in the US. Her publisher has created the coolest contest for Carole Matthew’s fans. Nell, the main character of SUMMER DAYDREAMS, is about to see her dreams come true and so can one lucky reader. Nell is about to leave her old boring job and become a handbag designer. She finds herself creating must-have handbags that are flying off store shelves and in real-life, one lucky reader will see her design come to life for HELEN ROCHFORT HANDBAGS. Just visit the competitions page on Carole's website and look for contest rules. Who doesn’t love a fabulous handbag! Imagine designing one?! (Open worldwide. Deadline for entries are July 31st.)

And the fun doesn’t stop here. You have to check out Carole’s website where she often posts the most fabulous cupcakes which she not only whips up, but decorates like a pastry chef. I’ve gained several pounds just drooling over them through the computer screen. And I also follow her Pinterest boards, which are beyond magnificent.

And yes, there’s even more to her fabulousness. She’s involved with Child Action Nepal. It’s a small charity group that selflessly helps two orphanages in Nepal. You can read all about it on her social sites and figure out where to send the money you don’t spend on her novels.

Carole was nominated for the Romance Novelists Association, 2012 Romantic Comedy of the Year for her novel WRAPPED UP IN YOU. While it didn't win during their March finalist selection, it's still a sweet and romantic story with a lot of fun twists and if I were in charge, it would have taken first place!

I’ll be messaging Carole on Facebook and Twitter soon and of course, I can’t wait for novel #21, which is a new story about Christmas!