Thursday, May 10, 2012

Books of the Week--May 10th

Thanks for checking out our newest feature...Books of the Week! There are seven of us and we can't keep up with the many review requests we receive, even though we'd love to read everything sent our way. Therefore, we have decided to give some books their time in the spotlight and introduce you to them through this new blog feature. We will be featuring two books a week. We hope you will take the time to check these books out. (Click the titles to find them on Amazon.) If you read them and want to write a guest blogger review for us, please e-mail us and we'll be glad to work with you!

Authors: We will let you know whether or not we'll be able to review your book upon your request, and hope you'll be interested in this feature as an alternative.

"At the Corner of Wall and Sesame"
By Wendy Levitt

V Skyler's life is wrapped up with a bow and she's sure it will be no trouble to tie a rattle to the end of it; Mommy and Me classes will live amicably next to board meetings in her BlackBerry and she will effortlessly transition into the role of working mother. But she quickly finds that not only can’t she get her schedule to stay where it belongs, she can’t even get through voice mail without splitting an eardrum or getting covered in goo, poo, or some other “oo” that has no place in the corporate world.

For ten months V bounces between her work and parenting lives like a super ball in a fun house. At home she faces mothers who can’t figure out why anyone would ever think about leaving their child for eighty hours a week. At work her colleagues whisper every time she leaves the office before 8:00. And to make things worse, hubby Jason has a definite opinion as to how V should handle the tug of war that has become her life. Pushed to the brink of losing everything, V knows she's going to have to take a stand. She just hopes it is one she can live with.

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"The Wishing Rock Theory of Life: A Novel with Recipes"
By Pam Stucky

In Pam Stucky’s debut novel, "Letters from Wishing Rock," readers fell in love with the quirky residents of Wishing Rock, Washington – an island town where everyone lives in the same building. Now the cast, the shenanigans, and the wisdom are all back in The Wishing Rock Theory of Life. As in the first novel in the series, letters between the neighbors and their friends chronicle the twists and turns of the characters’ daily lives, and are interspersed with recipes tried and tested by the characters themselves.

Fresh off their auspicious adventure in the Dogwinkle Days parade, Ruby and Ed are suffering a few growing pains as they settle into their new relationship. Gran and Liam, on the other hand, are blissfully traveling through Switzerland, savoring the fondue, the chocolate, and the mountain life. Pregnant Pip is adapting to her new home in Scotland with husband Captain Gavin, while back at Wishing Rock, Erin is struggling with life and psychic Alexandra is faced with an incident that could change the course of her future. In an effort to cope with this development, as well as help Erin, Alexandra leads the poker gals in a campaign to step outside their comfort zones and experience new adventures. Along the way, life in Wishing Rock hits a curve when a mysterious woman shows up in town making a shocking claim. Buried treasures, secret pasts, and the detritus of affairs of the heart all come to light in this witty and wise novel that explores fear, forgiveness, risk, dreams, trust, and love.

Visit Pam Stucky on Facebook and Twitter. "Letters from Wishing Rock" is currently 99 cents for Kindle.

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