Monday, May 21, 2012

There's nothing stupid about Caprice Crane, but her humor is contagious!

From Caprice Crane's
Facebook author page
To celebrate International Chick Lit Month right here, we're all doing tributes to some of our favorite authors. Here is what Kathryn Hamilton had to say about Caprice Crane.

I was first introduced to Caprice Crane when a friend sent me "Forget About It" as a gift last year. I really enjoyed it and loved the twist on the amnesia storyline. I have since purchased the other three novels that Ms. Crane has published: "Family Affair," "Stupid and Contagious" (which is currently in development to become a half-hour sitcom on a major network!), and the 2011 release, "With A Little Luck." I admit that I haven’t gotten very far in my reading, but what I have read so far reminds me of why I was drawn in by her writing in the first place. In 2013, Caprice Crane will be releasing a young adult novel entitled "How to Be a Hater" that I know I will purchase despite not being the target audience.

I started following Ms. Crane on Facebook several months ago, and reading her hilarious and witty (and sometimes a little outrageous) status updates is honestly what clinched me as a fan. Her sense of humour carries over into everything she writes, and it’s so refreshing; I always know that I’m going to smile when Ms. Crane is behind the pen. One of Ms. Crane’s greatest talents is that she combines her amazing humour with messages of hope for the characters in her novels. Although I have not communicated with Ms. Crane directly, I get the sense that she is a down-to-earth and approachable person, and I would love to hang out with her sometime.

Caprice Crane is not only a novelist, but has also tried her hand at screenplays and writing for television. I was watching the first season of 90210 (the new revamped version) when I happened to catch Caprice Crane’s name as the episode writer. I was delighted! Unbeknownst to me, Ms. Crane wrote a total of three episodes for the first season of 90210 (which are honestly the stand outs of the season) and also a couple for the revamped Melrose Place. She also wrote the screenplay for the feature film Love, Wedding, Marriage starring Mandy Moore and Kellan Lutz.

I look forward to catching up on my Caprice Crane novels, and can’t wait to read more in the future! Here’s to much continued success for this wonderfully witty author!

You can catch up with her on Facebook and Twitter, and of course get updates on her personal website.

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