Monday, November 21, 2011

Winners of "Fake Perfect Me"

To find our winners, we assigned a number to each entry and had pick three numbers. It chose 9, 18 and 39.

Congrats to Stephanie (Skk25), Kristen (kly.327) and Denise!

Here's a message from Cari Kamm:
Congratulations to the winners and a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated. Your support is the biggest compliment and truly appreciated with my debut novel, "Fake Perfect Me." I’m honored to be a part of Chick Lit Central and a group that embraces and celebrates authors, readers and Chick Lit! "Fake Perfect Me" is a marriage of "Sex & The City" and "Eat Pray Love." I hope it entertains you, inspires you to live your truth, and empowers you to love yourself. I’m overwhelmed with the love that readers have shared with me regarding my protagonist, Isabella Reynolds. Thank you for cheering her on! To learn more about the theme of "Fake Perfect Me" and hear how readers were inspired by the story, please visit my website and check out the “What’s Fake Perfect About You?” documentary. Again, thank you all for being a part of this journey. The release of my second novel will be in 2012.
Xo – Cari

Reminder: If you have won a book, you have about 48 hours to claim it by sending your contact information. (You will be e-mailed if you have won, as well.) After that time, a new winner will be picked.

Thanks to everyone for participating and sharing your restaurant recommendations.
Thanks to Cari for her interview and for sharing her book with our winners!

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