Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We now have 600 followers...time for a holiday giveaway!

**Giveaway is now closed**

We started off 2011 with over 200 followers and are ending with over 600! Thanks for being part of this big number! We love all your enthusiasm, participation, interest in our posts and everything else you bring to the table. We wouldn't reach this point without you!!! Therefore, we are getting into the holiday spirit and offering a special surprise gift as a giveaway.

Rules for this giveaway:
1. Open worldwide.
2. You have until December 15th at midnight EST to enter.
3. Tell us what your favorite Chick Lit novel of 2011 is and leave us an e-mail address or another way to reach you.
4. Only one entry per person.
5. You must be a follower of our blog to enter. Please let us know how you follow us and what name you use in order to qualify. (It's not too late to follow us, so please do so if you haven't already.)

Good luck and happy holidays!


Debbie Viggiano said...

'Wrapped Up In You' by Carole Matthews - a lovely romantic read!

Ananda said...

Yay guys! You did it! Congrats on +600 followers and thank you for all your lovely giveaways and reviews so far. You are definitely one of my favorite book blogs I visit every day!

My favorite chick lit novel would be "Sophie's Turn" by lovely Nicky Wells! There's a sequel coming soon (I hope) and can't wait to read it!

I am your old follower and just tweeted about the giveaway (but will tweet a lot during the contest:)!/BookstoRemember/status/141932212911226880

And my e-mail addy is


Marthalynn said...

Congratulations! I read your blog every day and am so happy to see your success.

I'm reading American Rose by Karen Abbott right now and it's wonderful. Not sure if that fits in the Chick Lit genre, but it's about Gypsy Rose Lee - a fascinating woman with a riveting life story

I follow you via GFC as Marthalynn.
marthalynn16 (at) gmail (dot) com

Lyndsay said...

Congratulations on 600! My favorite chick lit novel that I read this year was "Love the One You're With" by Emily Giffin. I can't wait for her new novel to come out in 2012.

I've been a follower for several months, and I follow with my Google account (Lyndsay).

Stephanie said...

Congrats on 600 follwers! My favorite chick lit novel of 2011 is Staying at Daisy's by Jill Mansell.

I'm a gfc follower.

Lindsay said...

Fabulous... what an amazing accomplishment!

My fav chick-lit novel of 2011 is It Started With A Kiss by Miranda Dickinson... LOVED it!!

I follow via GFC (Lindsay) and my email is lindsay(at)turningthepages(dot)ca

Thank you and here's to the next BIG step - 1000!! YAY!!

Lindsay :)

Kritters Ramblings said...

One of my favorite chick lits was Ralph's Party and After the Party, both by Lisa Jewell.
I am a GFC.

Kristen said...

Congrats to a great site! Love reading about all these fabulous books. Two recent favorites are "Stay" by Allie Larkin and "The Violets of March" by Sarah Jio!

I follow by email and FB under Kristen Yates.


Anonymous said...

40 Love Madeline Wickham

I am a GFC follower and have been for several months!


Laura Kay said...

WHOO HOO!!! You go girls! So excited for you hitting 600! Amazing!

I'm definitely a follower! You know I stalk...I mean love your site ;)

My favorite was Sarah Jio The Violets of March! Loved it!

Laura Kay

Rainie Bishop said...

Carole Matthews - Wrapped up in You. I love most chick lit but Carole is one of my all time favourite authors, Im always eager for her next novel

twitter @cqbish

Bonnie said...

Congratulations on 600 followers! WooHoo!!

I love your blog, it's one of my faves!!

It's hard to choose my fave but Claire Cooks' 'Best Staged Plans' and Anne R. Allens' 'Food of Love' are the first that come to mind. :)

I have been following under the name of Bonnie.
smallb (at) gmail (dot) com

Mary Preston said...


GFC: Mary Preston

I loved Jill Mansell's STAYING AT DAISY'S


StereoQueenBee said...


My favourite Chick Lit book of 2011 was probably Arranged by my fellow Montrealer Catherine McKenzie.

I follow under Sabrina-Kate Eryou (stereoqueenbee)

queenofcrunk at gmail dot com

Kim W. said...

Congrats on the 600 followers!!! That's amazing!!

I follow the blog AND belong to the group on Facebook!!

My fave.....only 1??? I really loved Spin by Catherine McKenzie! There's probably 30 or 40 more titles I could add as I've read a lot of really, really, really good books this year, but I'll stick to Spin as my favorite.

Unknown said...

Definitely It Happened in Paris by Molly Hopkins!
What's not to love about Paris and rom-coms? I loved every page of it!
A must-read for a chick lit fans!

ADR527 said...

My favorite book of 2011 is Swept off Her Feet by Hester Browne.

I follow on Twitter @ADR52775

adr52775 at aol dot com

Tiffany Drew said...

Woohoo! Congrats on all your followers :) Thank you for the special giveaway to celebrate!

My favorite was definitely Skipping A Beat by Sarah Pekkanen. I can't wait for her new book, I am getting desperate for it :)

GFC follower Tiffany Drew

Linda Kish said...


40 Love

I am an old GFC follower

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

BRN2SHOP9 said...


Wow one book. It's so hard to pick just one!!! If I have to pick one I think it is Overbite by Meg Cabot.

I follow via GFC, Facebook,and twitter

brn2shop9 at gmail dot com

Jeryl M. said...

My favorite chick lit novel I read the past year was The Violets of March by Sarah Jio.

buddyt said...

Congrats on the 600 !

Thanks for the giveaway, perfect time of year to offer it.

I haven't read as much chick lit this year as usual but the first to come to mind is - Wrapped up in You by Carole Matthews.

She is really good at this type of novel and her writing seems to be almost stream of conciousness.

Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

I Follow via GFC.

Lulu said...

Congratulations on so many followers!
I'd say Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkanen was fantastic...
and And Then It Happened by Linda Green was gooood)
GFC: Lulu

Jennifer L. said...

My favourite book is: "Mommy By Mistake" by Rowan Coleman
I follow on gfc as Jennifer L.
jentam777 at gmail dot com

Jel said...

congrats on the followers :) ive always been a supporter of your blog and i am happy to have won a lot of books from you guys. thank you so much.

as for the fave id have to say its going to be Paris Baby, the book i won from your blog. very interesting story and is not only a story but also teaches us some lessons in life. the author truly inspired me with that book

thank you again :)

GFC: Jel
Email: punkme15 at gmail dot com

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

My favorite chick lit book is Lauren Weisbergers Chataeu Marmont book - I loved that one!!

I'm a follower - love this blog!

amber_johnson2004 at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

My favorite chick lit this year was Mini-Shopoholic. I follow on GFC- amandawk.
amandarwest atgmaildotcom

Na said...

What Alice Forgot by Lianne Moriarty. My first book by this author and I fell for it.


faithspage said...

Congratulations on 600 followers
I follow on gfc and fb

I have 2 favorites, Skipping A Beat, and Here, Home, Hope. Outstanding books.

kyfaithw at aol dot com

Sheena said...

i love the 80'S by Megan Crane was one of my fav reads this year

I follow the blog and am a member on Facebook

sheena Wapneski

The Book Chick said...

Wow! 600 followers!!!!! Congrats guys :)

I have read so many amazing chick lit novels in 2011 so it's hard to choose just one, but my most recent new favorite is "Build a Man" by Talli Roland ($0.99 for Kindle, people!), so I'll go with that one. :)

LONG time follower :)

Literary Chanteuse said...

My vote is for Sophie's Turn by Nikki Wells. I'm a follower.

Congrats! 600 wow!

Margaret (Literary Chanteuse)

Jordan said...

"Save as Draft" by Cavanaugh Lee

Follower :)

jordanweber at live dot com

Francerants said...

I really enjoyed Tina Fey's Bossypants.

I follow you on GFC.

I can be reached at francerants AT

transit_galTO said...

My favourite was probably the Nora Roberts Bride Quartet of books.

mep said...

Love your blog and appreciate all the interviews and giveaways. I've added many titles to my TBR pile from your site!

My favorite chick lit book of the year is What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty, but I loved many others as well.

I follow on Twitter (I'm @nottobrag)

mep AT nottobrag DOT net


ails said...

There are so many I have had trouble picking just one I think it is Ali Harris Miracle on Regent Street.
I follow on twitter.

ails said...

Good luck everyone

Anonymous said...

My favorite novel of 2011 is Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews.

Congrats on continuing to grow!

I am a follower on both GFC and Facebook.

I will post on my blog.

jenceyg msn com

kaewink said...

Wow. Congratulations on 600+!

My fav chick lit novel read in 2011 would be "Persuade me" by Juliet Archer! Followed by "Twelve days of Christmas" by Trisha Ashley - it came out last year, I know, but I discovered just now and absolutly loved it.

I´m a follower of you blog via GFC (kaewink)

kewinkler at gmail dot com

Susan @ The Book Bag said...


My fav would be Whispers From the Heart by Heather Hummel

Thanks for the great giveaway!

GFC follower:Susan @ The Book Bag

Keren - The Brown Trading Co. said...

Ruby Blues by Jessica Rudd

Patricia said...

Congratulations on +600 followers.
Thanks for keeping us up to date on some great books and reviews.

My fav chic lit is usually the last book I've read. Whish at this time is Here Burns My Candle #1 by Liz Curtis Higgs. Next week it will be #2 in this series. Mine is the Night

I am a follower Patricia

plb1050 at gmail dot com

Jilleen said...

Wow - congrats on the 600+ followers. That is great. Favorite Chick Lit book....that is so hard to answer. I think I have to go with the queen of Chick Lit....Sophie Kinsella - Mini Shopaholic!

I am a follower too!

SeasideBookNook {at} yahoo {dot} com

Kat said...

Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner. :)

I am a follower of the blog.

Carrie said...

I haven't had much time to read this year, and I read various genres. But my favorite Chick Lit that I read this year (not published this year) was "What She Wants" by Cathy Kelly.

GFC: Carrie (Journey Through Words)
email: journeythroughwords at yahoo dot com.

Kathleen Higgins-Anderson said...

Congrats on 600+ Followers! Your site is awesome, I enjoy reading all your posts! :)

My favorite chick lit for 2011 was Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult!

I follow you on FB, Twitter & Your Blog Site by both my name and under my blog name Jersey Girl Book Reviews! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats indeed! I must agree with "Wrapped Up in You" by C. Matthews - what a fantastic read. Not too cheesy, a bit of drama, exotic country,... I just loved it.

Reach me at info(at)safkhetpublishing(dot)com

Margie said...

I'm currently reading Remembering You by Tricia Goyer, and really enjoying it. However, I'm not certain it is considered Chic Lit.
Congrats on your 600 followers.
mtakala1 AT yahoo DOT com

Shannon said...

Congrats on reaching 600 followers. My favourite chick lit title from the past year was Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner.

I follow your blog via twitter (@sralph)

Shannon (cool_beans2000 at

Melissa said...

My favorite chick lit I read this year is
You Don't Have to Say You Love Me by Sarra Manning.

Congrats on your followers.

GFC name Melissa


Pukkapad said...

Wow, congrats on all your new followers. I follow on GFC (as Pukkapad). My favourite chick lit book of 2011 is sooo hard to choose! I think I'd have to go with All That Mullarkey by Sue Moorcroft, or It Started with a Kiss by Miranda Dickinson!

@kirstylou29 on twitter x

Vicky @ A Backpack Full of Adventures said...

Congrats on the 600 followers guys! :-D
My favourite chick lit novel has to be The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes. Loved it!
You can reach me at:
or @alouetteuette on Twitter

Silvy said...

Congrats 600+ followers!Thanks for this great giveaway!
My favorite chick-lit is:Staying at Daisy's by Jill Mansell.
I follow your blog,on FB and I Tweet about your giveaway.!/

My mail:

Best wishes

Sheryl Browne said...

Choc lit chick lit. Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft. Loved it so much, I constantly recall scenes from it. :) HUGE congrats on reaching 600!

I follow with Google.

Good luck and thank you!

Anjana said...

'That Boy' by Jillian Dodd is my favorite chick lit of this year followed closely by 'A Girl Like You' by Gemma Burgess! :)

GFC : Anjana Vasan

Nina said...

My favorite chick lit book of 2011 was "A Year and Six Seconds" by Isabel Gillies. By the end of the book I felt like she was my best friend, which was only encouraged when she replied kindly to the e-mail I sent her telling her how much I loved the book! Haha. Gotta love those kind authors!

Congrats on your followers! I follow via Twitter (@NinaSacc)

ails said...

After lots of thought My favourite Book has to be Wrapped up In You Carole Matthews, It's Carol's best book ever. I follow on Twitter and Facebook

Lisa said...

CONGRATS ladies! Thanks for all the hard work you do to help readers and authors.
Mine fav chick lit novel is Lucy Sullivan is getting married.

I'm a loyal follower and I just tweeted about it. (well, I RT your tweet)

My email addy is

Thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway, don't we all love surprises. :)

p/s even if I don't win, I hope you'll announce what the prize was.

Nancye said...

My favorite chick lit book of 2011 was "Little Black Dress" by Susan McBride.

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Nancye said...

GFC Follower
GFC ID: Nancye Davis

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Chick Lit Central and all the amazing women associated with the blog! My favorite chicklit novel for the year has to be Amy Hatvny's, Best Kept Secret. It had a great story line, but also managed to unmask a subject still shrouded by stigma for too many women. It was fun with a message! Chick lit Central is able to review fun off the wall comedies and novels with messages - a nice mix! I'm a member! xo