Friday, July 22, 2011

What's in the mail today?

Melissa A:
I won this from The Next Best Book Club. I'm reading it now and it's interesting so far. Very well written too!

They're currently doing a giveaway for two of Allison Winn Scotch's novels. It ends tomorrow, so hurry up and enter! (US/Canada only.)

I got this one the day after my birthday. How appropriate!

Elizabeth Swain from Transworld Publishers sent it to me and will be giving away copies later this summer through our blog. Stay tuned!

Got this from Emily Gambir at Engleman & Co for review and because we'll be hosting the author at our blog in late August:

Got this from Paperback Swap (great place to go to get your hands on lots of chick lit and exchange books you no longer need):


Got this from Josie Brown for review:

It's on sale at Amazon for $2.99.

Have a great weekend and happy reading!


Literary Chanteuse said...

I won Skinny on a blog giveaway but have not gotten to it just yet. I look forward to your review.

TNBBC Super Mod said...

Yay! Happy to hear the book arrived and thanks for the link :)