Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book Review: Silver Girl

By Melissa Patafio

Meredith Delinn’s life has been turned upside down ever since her husband, Freddy, was indicted for cheating investors out of billions of dollars (a la Bernie Madoff). Meredith, cut off from her sons and ousted from her social circle, heads to Nantucket to seek solace at her oldest friend Constance Flute’s home. Once there, the ladies do their best to hide from the press as well as some angry investors that also spend their summer on Nantucket. Both Meredith and Constance are alone again, after years of marriage, but they do the best they can to be a shoulder for one another. Though the women were recently estranged, over the course of the summer they realize that sometimes true friendship can outlast hurt, heartbreak, and betrayal.

I think that this may be my favorite Elin Hilderbrand novel so far. Elin does a great job of making her characters life-like and relatable. There were points in the book that I felt panicked, angry or sad and I love when an author makes me feel the same emotions as the characters. I felt the pain, hurt and confusion that the characters felt as well as their resolve to move forward. The story never slowed down for me and the description was so vivid that I felt I was on the Island of Nantucket even after I had finished reading the book.

I didn’t want this book to end, yet I was dying to know how it would. I was so torn because I couldn’t put it down, yet I wanted to savor every word. I know many readers have not yet read any of Elin’s books because they are touted as “Summer Fluff” or simply as “Beach Reads”, but I really believe that you will not be disappointed. In fact, many of her books have a more serious undertone and deal with real life issues such as marriage, parenthood, infidelity and loss. Her story line, character development and crystal clear descriptions make for a great read ANY time of year! I definitely recommend “Silver Girl” to anyone looking to be swept away.

If you would like to know more about Elin, please see my recent interview.

Special thanks to Sarah Hausman of Meryl L. Moss Media Relations/Book Trib for the review copy.

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