Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Stay" is in paperback and we're doing a giveaway

**Giveaway is now closed**

In honor of "Stay" by Allie Larkin being released in paperback, we are reposting Melissa A's review from last fall and hosting a giveaway (thanks to Crystal Patriarche from BookSparks PR). She has one book for a lucky reader in the US.

"Stay" is Book #5 in the BookSparksPR Summer Reading Challenge. Stop by to see a funny video from Allie Larkin and even learn more about the challenge itself.

Review of "Stay" by Allie Larkin
By Melissa Amster

I had been wanting to read "Stay" for a while, as Allie Larkin was the first author I interviewed for Chick Lit Central. I finally obtained a copy of it this past month and once I picked it up, I did not want to put it down!

"Stay" is about Savannah "Van" Leone, who gets drunk one night after the guy she is in love with gets married to her best friend. While she is drunk, she watches "Rin Tin Tin" and ends up ordering a German Shepard puppy over the Internet. When the puppy arrives, he is the size of a grown dog and only answers to Slovakian commands. However, he leads her to a handsome vet and her life then becomes another series of complications, especially when the married couple returns from their honeymoon.

I absolutely loved this novel from start to finish. Even when I wasn't reading it, I was still thinking of Van and everything that was going on in her life. Now that I'm finished, I can't stop thinking about this story. It even made me want to adopt a dog (not that I will get to anytime soon, but maybe I can convince my husband to read this novel...) The only critique I had was that I felt there was too much swearing going on. It may have emphasized Van's emotional state from time to time, but I also didn't feel that it was necessary in order to carry along a wonderful story. If this were a movie, it would have received an adult rating for the language alone, even though the concept was family-friendly (at least for age pre-teen and above).

As I was reading "Stay," I was already recommending it to friends before I even finished the story. I definitely want to recommend it to anyone who wants a heartfelt story with genuine dialogue and a sympathetic and lovable main character (and I'm not just talking about the dog here). For a first novel, Ms. Larkin did an amazing job. I hope she continues to write stories as great as this one!

Thanks again to Crystal for providing the book for this giveaway

How to win "Stay":
Please tell us: Who is your favorite celebrity dog? (Not a fictional dog...a dog who is famous from TV, movies, being a celebrity's pet, etc.)

Please include your e-mail address or another way we can contact you.

US only. Giveaway ends July 31st at midnight EST


PamIAm said...

My favorite celebrity dog has always been "Eddie", the little Jack Russell terrier on "Frasier". I even had a little dog like him once and named him after that very cute and talented dog that always made me smile.

Kritters Ramblings said...

I follow Kristin Chenoweth on Twitter and she is forever talking about her pup - its nice to know that celebs have dogs as kids also!


Krystal Lynn said...

Josh Groban has the most adorable dog, Sweeney! Fitting since he's pretty adorable himself. He's made a few appearances on stage during Josh's world tour this summer and I think I saw him on the Gayle King show too. I want a dog just like him!

You can see him in this vid: http://youtu.be/9VOJYIkV5jE

Tammy said...


Allison said...
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Anonymous said...

It's because of the TARGET BULLSEYE PIT BULL, BRICK that I always go into that store to buy one thing and walk out with a cart of stuff I don't need ... and I don't even particularly like pit bulls, but he's very cute!

Jeryl M. said...

My friend celebrity dog is the Taco Bell chihuahua.


BRN2SHOP9 said...

Dryfus from Empty nest!

Dvora C said...

There have been many great tv dogs, but I loved Comet on the show Full House a lot.

Sandi said...

I love the pup from The Little Couple on TLC

Colleen Turner said...

The puppy on the paperback cover is so cute! We are actually getting our first dog as a family this Saturday and we are so excited :).

My favorite celebrity dog would have to be Matthew McConaughey's pup....he acts so cool and just keep defying the law by going around without a leash on (this is probably more a problem for Mr. McConaughey, but I like to think of this dog refusing to follow the rules :)).

Kelly roost17925@hotmail.com said...

I love all the chihuahuas in the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movies ... maybe because we have one ourselves!

RivkaBelle said...

Love the paperback cover - so, so cute!

Favorite celeb dog...the pooch from 'Because of Winn-Dixie'!!! I love that dog. I would own that dog, or one like it, if at all possible, hehe...


Linda Kish said...

Eddie from Frasier. He is so cute.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Amy said...

I have loved Kristen Chenoweth every since I saw her in Glee. Since then I as well follow her on twitter and FB and her love for her dog.

My email is amyrbromberg@gmail.com

Camille said...

I always loved Comet from Full House!


Snitz said...

Marley from Marley & Me - John Grogan's yellow lab!

snitz76 [at] gmail [dot] com

Nancye said...

I totally loved Murray from Mad About You. I can remember how he always crashed into the wall randomly. Too funny!

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Georgina said...

Beethoven is my favourite celebrity dog

Anonymous said...

Sweeney Groban. (Josh Groban's shaggy dog.)

mamachav @ yahoo.com

Sheila B said...

My favorite celebrity dog, hard to choose but if I have to, Cesar Milan's Daddy. He is such a help to Cesar when trying to train other dogs. He seems like such a lovable dog.


Susan @ The Book Bag said...

I love the Taco Bell chihuahua!

Thanks for the giveaway.


karenk said...

does anyone remember 'dog' from 'petticoat junction?'

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Allison said...

My favorite celebrity dog is Kim karsdashians dog
Rocky!!! I love boxers!
grlcalledallie AT hotmail DOT com

Sue said...

My favorite celebrity dogs are also The Air Bud dogs. I just love them!!

Leonel said...

My favorite celebrity dog are my sister's dogs. Well, maybe they are not technically celebrities, but to me they are :) I miss them so much, don't get to see them since my move :(

Margie said...

I like Brinkley, the golden retriever from the movie You've Got Mail.
mtakala1 AT yahoo DOT com

♡♥♬ Raven In A Blue Room ♬♥♡ said...

the oversized litter in 101 Dalmatians

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

Elise said...

Not only did I love Eddie on Frasier, I went to his book signing! He came to the B&N on the 3rd Street Promenade to "talk" about his book. The room was packed and he was adorable. All I wanted to do was hug him, but it was in his contract that only his trainer got to give him heavy petting.

Joanne said...
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Joanne said...

My favorite TV dog is Wishbone, a Jack Russel terrier who hosted a program on PBS that taught kids about the classics. He was adorable!

UK said...

Stay is a story that will do one of three things: make you laugh, make you cry, or both. I did both. I laughed at all the humorous thoughts and antics that Allie added to Van's life. I cried when I saw what Van was going through-being in love with a man who married her best friend. I see myself in Van when she feels she's not good enough for anyone. I just wanted to reach out and hug her! That's how I feel lots of the time. The laughing came at all of Van's thoughts through out the story, especially when she was upset at someone. Boy could she think up some thoughts! Allie added the flavor of the story with the laugh out loud humor.