Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From one Washington to the other....

I’ve been on a Kristin Hannah book marathon lately. I started with “Firefly Lane” last summer and loved how smoothly the story flowed and how easy the characters were to connect with, no matter how similar or different they were to/from me. I still get emotional when I think about it. Then I saw some other books of hers at a library book sale and a local thrift shop and decided to check them out too. So far, I’ve enjoyed each one: “Between Sisters” and “On Mystic Lake.” I’m reading “The Things we do for Love” now, and have already gotten misty-eyed a few times. I just want to read more and more of her books and have been looking diligently for them at the store.

All the books I've read of hers so far take place in Washington state. She should write tour guides because with each story, I want to take a trip to check out the scenery she is describing. I've never been there before, but I can see it vividly through her characters' eyes.

There was a romance author to whom I was addicted back during my college days and the earlier half of this century. Her name is Katherine Stone. She has stopped producing novels for some reason and I definitely miss reading her stories now. Kristin Hannah’s writing style is very similar and I connect with her books the way I connected to Katherine Stone’s books in the past. She’s just that good! I definitely recommend checking her novels out sometime. Just keep a box of tissues nearby.

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