Saturday, May 29, 2010

Book Review: Italian for Beginners

By Melissa Amster

I started "Italian for Beginners" with the expectation that it would be a light beach read. In some ways, it was. Kristin Harmel gives us a cute and romantic story that takes place in Italy. How easy is that for beach reading material?!? However, there's so much more to this book.

Having come off the heels from reading "The Opposite of Me," I was able to make some comparisons between Cat and Lindsey (from the previous novel). Both were focused on their work and had beautiful red-headed sisters who are luckier in love. Both women made decisions and took risks that fell outside the patterns of the lives they were used to leading. And both learned a lot about themselves and their families.

I was expecting this to pale in comparison to "The Opposite..." because I had set a bar for my summer reading based on that book. However, "Italian..." stands on its own as a well told and interesting story that keeps you guessing until the very end, and has lots of fun surprises along the way. I found myself cheering for Cat and even getting emotional. It made me want to go to Italy, see "Roman Holiday," and further explore something for which I've been told I have a talent. It's really an inspiring story as well, but only for those who are open to being inspired.

At the end of the book, Kristin includes a few recipes that were used in the story. However, there is one she left out that I would have loved to try. Maybe it was because one of her characters set the bar too high and readers would be intimidated trying to replicate such a recipe. :)

I definitely recommend "Italian for Beginners" to anyone who loves chick lit as much as I do. I know I definitely want to read more of Kristin Harmel's books!

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Anonymous said...

I love everything Italian. So I know I'll be checking this book out.