Friday, May 21, 2010

Book Review: The Opposite of Me

By Melissa Amster

"The Opposite of Me" is about fraternal twin sisters, told from the point of view of Lindsey, the smart sister. It explores their relationship in respect to events that take place in both their lives. These events lead up to Lindsey finding out a secret that will change their lives forever.

The way this story was written, I felt like I was being allowed into the mind of a close friend. Even if I had nothing in common with Lindsey, I'd still be able to relate to and sympathize with her. The book starts out with her trying to find out if she got an advertising account and the role of vice president. The stakes were so high that I became nervous for her, feeling almost like I was the one put through the wringer while waiting for important news. And as the story went on and I continued to learn more about Lindsey, I began to feel like she really was a close friend. The last time I felt this connected to a book character was when I read "She's Come Undone."

Words can't emphasize enough how much I loved this book. This was Sarah Pekkanen's first novel and she has definitely started off her career with a bang. I have complete confidence that "The Opposite of Me" will be a big hit. I hope she'll write a sequel from Alex's perspective in the way that Emily Giffin wrote "Something Blue" as a sequel to "Something Borrowed." I also would love to see this made into a movie someday.

Thanks to Sarah Pekkanen for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Tiffany Drew said...

Totally agree. I'd love to have another book about these two and I would definitely be first in line to see the movie :)