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Book Review: Nowhere to Hide

By Sara Steven

Duncan Stone is one of the country's most eligible and handsome bachelors, and he wants to take me, Callie Parker, on a date. At first I am surprised and flattered, the envy of my friends. Then when our whirlwind romance escalates and he asks me to move in with him, it's like a dream come true. But as I get to really know my new boyfriend, my fairytale turns into a nightmare. Duncan is no Prince Charming. He is the Devil. Isolated from my friends and family, watched day and night, a prisoner in my own life, I know if I am going to survive, I need to escape. 

When a chance encounter with an old friend throws me a lifeline, I realise this is my live or die moment, and I find a hiding place deep in the Norfolk countryside. I'm supposed to feel safe here, so why do I hear footsteps outside my hideaway late at night, and sense that someone is watching me? Is it paranoia, or has Duncan managed to find me?

Or perhaps the danger is closer to home than I realise. (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

Nowhere to Hide kept me on the edge the entire time I read it! It took two days for me to finish it, and that’s only because I had to take a break to, you know, take care of the regular responsibilities I have–and to attempt to get some sleep, even though my brain was in continual motion after delving into Callie’s situation. I didn’t want to let her go. 

Callie’s friends would describe her as someone who is full of confidence and is self-assured. But the woman who finds herself alone and penniless, with nothing to her name other than the continual fear she feels when it comes to Duncan, is a far cry from the woman she used to be. The author did an excellent job of showing the gradual decline that Callie goes through while she is essentially held captive by Duncan. The slow progression of isolation, not allowing Callie to have any outside relationships with anyone other than him, along with the constant monitoring by way of cameras and Duncan’s personal henchman, all contribute to the degradation and emptiness she feels.

Callie knows she has to escape in order to survive. But escaping could cost her the freedom she craves and maybe even more–it could cost her the very life she’s trying to save. There were so many twists and turns within this book, the kind that creep up unexpectedly yet ultimately end up making the most sense. Will Callie be safe? Can she trust the people who want to be within her inner circle, or are they not to be trusted, either? It’s hard to know who to lean on or who to believe. The paranoia Callie feels rubbed off on me. I wasn’t sure what Duncan was capable of.

I cannot stand Duncan. I ordinarily wouldn’t have such a strong reaction to fictional characters, but he really brought out the worst in me. Whenever the story is told from his perspective, I wanted to tell him where to go–and to never come back. It was helpful to have flashbacks for Callie, from the then to the now, so I could gain a better understanding on how she found herself in this predicament, and why where she is at any given moment within the story is so important. It was also super clever to show the readers how she was able to escape Duncan. Given everything she goes through and how difficult he makes it for her to escape, the behind-the-scenes explanation helped to better show how that all makes sense and how it ties into the events that happen later in the future. 

Nowhere to Hide is a pure thriller ride. It was truly terrifying and worth every second of the experience. A definite five-star read!

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

Keri Beevis is the internationally bestselling author of several psychological thrillers and romantic suspense mysteries, including the very successful Dying to Tell, published by Bloodhound. She sets many of her books in the county of Norfolk, where she was born and still lives and which provides much of her inspiration.

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