Friday, April 26, 2024

Book Review: Happy Medium

By Allyson Bales

Fake spirit medium Gretchen Acorn is happy to help when her best (read: wealthiest) client hires her to investigate the unexplained phenomena preventing the sale of her bridge partner’s struggling goat farm. Gretchen may be a fraud, but she'd like to think she’s a beneficentone. So if "cleansing" the property will help a nice old man finally retire and put some much-needed cash in her pockets at the same time, who's she to say no?

Of course, it turns out said bridge partner isn't the kindly AARP member Gretchen imagined—Charlie Waybill is young, hot as hell, and extremely unconvinced that Gretchen can communicate with the dead. (Which, fair.) Except, to her surprise, Gretchen finds herself face-to-face with Everett: the very real, very chatty ghost that’s been wreaking havoc during every open house. And he wants her to help ensure Charlie avoids the same family curse that's had Everett haunting Gilded Creek since the 1920s.

Now, Gretchen has one month to convince Charlie he can’t sell the property. Unfortunately, hard work and honesty seem to be the way to win over the stubborn farmer—not exactly Gretchen's strengths. But trust isn’t the only thing growing between them, and the risk of losing Charlie to the spirit realm looms over Gretchen almost as annoyingly as Everett himself. To save the goat farm, its friendly phantom, and the man she's beginning to love, Gretchen will need to pull off the greatest con of her life: being fully, genuinely herself. (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.)

This read was such a DELIGHT!

I really, really, REALLY loved Mrs. Nash’s Ashes and it was one of my favorite reads of 2023, so when I saw Happy Medium was being released this year it quickly became one of my most anticipated reads! 

Have you ever wanted to or had a tarot card reading?  Do you believe in mediums or ghosts?  I haven't had a reading but I have always wanted to and I sure do believe in mediums AND ghosts, so I knew I was going to be interested in this read, and it did not disappoint!

Similarly to Mrs. Nash’s Ashes, I was cackling out loud to most of this story while also having heart eyes and a strong desire to work on a farm where I can hang out with some baby goats!  This is a contemporary and paranormal romance (who doesn't love that combo) with characters that are fun, a refreshing setting, and a plot that is oh-so-binegable!

I really can’t wait for you to meet Gretchen and Charlie, but even more than that, I can't wait for you to meet Everett.  He is one sassy ghost and I loved so many of his one liners.  He really made the story for me.  I also loved getting to know Gretchen and Charlie and following along while they have to work together. I especially love when they have to birth some goats!  

I used to work in a barn and this farm setting really spoke to my soul!  It really made me miss the animals I used to work with.  I think more and more farms are getting harder to maintain so learning about the process to keep one afloat was interesting.  

I read this one in a few days and it feels like the perfect beach read.  I really can't wait to see what else Adler writes because she has quickly become an auto-buy author for me!

Thanks to Berkley for the book in exchange for an honest review.

Also by Sarah Adler: Mrs. Nash's Ashes

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