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Book Review: Enemies to Lovers

By Sara Steven

Lara and Sonny are sworn enemies.

As rival showbiz journalists, they are always out to get one-up on each other – whether being the first to scoop the latest celebrity gossip, or sabotaging a potential lead.

So when their bosses ask them to join forces and go undercover at an exclusive celebrity retreat, they can’t think of anything worse - except that they are going to need to pretend to be in couples therapy to blend in...

Being on a tropical island for work would be most people’s idea of heaven, but for Lara and Sonny it’s hell. Can a week of sun, sea and uncovering showbiz secrets together chip away at Lara and Sonny’s rivalry? And once they get home and the fake relationship is over, could a real one be left in its place? (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

I liked the banter and contention between Lara and Sonny. Despite the way they display their rivalry and can’t seem to find common ground with anything, I could feel the draw and pull they have for one another. As much as they appear to despise the idea of being anything more than mortal enemies, it’s like they can’t get enough!

That attitude really played out with their careers. From Lara’s perspective, Sonny continually steals her ideas for his own gain. Yet, she admits to giving him that information. Sonny thinks that Lara is snarky, yet he’s often the one who brings out that characteristic from her when they are together. It’s like they feed off the other, bringing out the best and worst from this unique relationship. They are adorably obnoxious, which leads both Lara and Sonny into finding their way into a celebrity retreat that was very reminiscent of the show Nine Perfect Strangers. There, they continue on the path of contention, which is really just a thin veil to cover up the fact that they like each other.

Having seen Nine Perfect Strangers and enjoying that sort of storyline, I could appreciate the incorporation of that sort of scenario for both Lara and Sonny. On the outside, they are there to get an exclusive for their jobs, but there is a lot more going on beneath the surface, not only with the other characters they encounter at the retreat–a retreat that is named “Eden" but is anything but–but within their own relationship, too. Little by little, more and more is exposed, and Lara has to decide if there is more to Sonny than just his Thor looks, and Sonny has to find a way to get past Lara’s walls in order to see if there is more to their relationship than just their platonic unconventional coworker label.  

Reading Enemies to Lovers made me wish for my own opportunity to travel abroad and explore uncharted, strange territories. And getting to spend time with celebrities, even if it means doing it under the guise of going incognito, sounds like it would have been a really fun experience to me! It was a fun read.

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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