Thursday, October 26, 2023

Spotlight and Giveaway: What Wild Women Do

Today we're excited to feature Karma Brown's latest novel, What Wild Women Do, which released this week! It's been a while since we last got to feature a book by Karma, but she did write two delightful Christmas novels with Marissa Stapley under the name Maggie Knox. Thanks to Kathleen Carter Communications, we have THREE copies for some lucky readers!

Rowan is stuck. Her dreams of becoming a screenwriter are stalled, along with her bank account, as she and her fiancĂ©, Seth, try to make sense of what’s next for them after leaving LA. But when the couple takes a trip to a cabin in the Adirondacks, hoping the change will provide inspiration for Seth’s novel-in-progress, Rowan finds herself drawn into a story greater than her own—that of socialite-turned-feminist-crusader Eddie Calloway, who vanished one day in 1975 and was never found or heard from again. In a handbook left behind in the abandoned ruins of a once-great camp, Rowan learns more about the enigmatic Eddie and clues as to what happened to her.

As Rowan delves deeper into the mystery, we meet Eddie herself, a fierce and loving woman whose greatest wish was to host women at her camp and unlock their “wildness.” However, Eddie’s wild ways aren’t welcomed by everyone, and rifts between camp owners threaten her mission. When Rowan gets closer to the truth of Eddie’s disappearance, she realizes that it may hold the key to unlocking her own ambition and future.

WHAT WILD WOMEN DO addresses feminism, friendship, and the creative spirit. It’s also in part a love letter to Karma Brown’s 1970s hippie-infused childhood and the fond memories from the time she spent at the Great Camp Sagamore in the Adirondacks, which had originally belonged to the gilded Vanderbilt family.

“A story of self-discovery in a gorgeously-drawn setting, What Wild Women Do isn’t afraid to confront the bold choices women must make sometimes, and its dual-timeline heroines are both perfectly suited for the job. Karma Brown’s latest is a heartfelt exploration into the importance of honesty, legacy, and being true to one’s self.”
—Shelby Van Pelt, New York Times bestselling author of Remarkably Bright Creatures

"What Wild Women Do is a total joy to read—it’s mysterious, atmospheric and pacey, with heaps of heart and soul. Rowan and Eddie are two women to root for, each on their own soul-searching journey of independence and a reckoning with their past. An uplifting celebration of women, and the courage it takes to find one’s true self."
—Ashley Audrain, New York Times bestselling author of The Push

“Brown’s latest is a remarkable story of two complicated women, almost fifty years apart, trying to make a mark in a world that often demeans and trivializes their dreams. Set in the lush Adirondack forest, the story addresses feminism, friendship, and the creative spirit, and is guaranteed to keep readers guessing until the very end. A terrific read.”
—Fiona Davis, New York Times bestselling author of The Spectacular

Karma Brown is the author of seven bestselling novels, including the #1 international and USA Today bestseller Recipe for a Perfect Wife and her debut, Come Away with Me, a Globe and Mail Best Book of 2015. She is also the author of the non-fiction bestseller The 4% Fix: How One Hour Can Change Your Life, and has co-authored two bestselling holiday rom-coms under the pen name Maggie Knox. An award-winning journalist, Karma has been published in SELF, Redbook, and Today's Parent, among others. She lives just outside Toronto with her husband, daughter, and a Labradoodle named Fred. Visit Karma on Twitter and Instagram.

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