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We want to be like Meredith a book giveaway

Introduction by Melissa Amster

We are so thankful to have Meredith Schorr back at CLC today. If she is a new-to-you author, I definitely recommend checking out all her novels. Some of my favorites are the Blogger Girl series and The Boyfriend Swap, but all her novels are delightful! Last summer, she entertained us with As Seen on TV (reviewed here). She's back now with her latest rom-com, Someone Just Like You. I'm so excited to read this and it is in my five-book pile at the moment. Meredith has one copy for a lucky reader to devour!

A born and bred New Yorker and lifelong daydreamer, Meredith Schorr fueled her passion for writing everything from restaurant reviews, original birthday cards, and even work-related emails into a career penning romantic comedies. When she’s not writing books filled with grand gestures and hard-earned happily-ever-afters or working as a trademark paralegal, she’s most often reading, running, or watching TV…for research, of course. She is represented by Melissa Edwards at Stonesong.  Meredith’s trade paperback debut with Grand Central Publishing/Forever, As Seen on TV, was published on June 7, 2022. (Bio courtesy of Meredith's website.)

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New Yorker Molly Blum knows everything about her lifelong nemesis, Jude Stark. With their families so close, they should have been best friends. Instead, she thinks he’s a too-charming slacker, and he thinks she’s allergic to fun. After years of one-upping each other’s pranks (chocolate-dipped cat treats are not as delicious as they appear), one high school joke went too far, and they stopped speaking completely. But now that they’re supposed to help plan a massive party for their parents—together—there’s no better time to resume their war.

And it is on. Only somewhere between all the sniping and harmless hijinks, a reluctant friendship develops, along with an unexpected spark of sexual tension. It might have to do with the fact that she’s been dating Jude-lookalikes and he’s been dating Molly doppelgangers. Or the fact that neither of them is nearly as horrible as they thought. All Molly and Jude know is that they’ve mastered the art of hating each other. Falling in love, on the other hand, is a whole new battlefield. (Courtesy of Amazon.)

“With delightful banter and unexpected twists, swoony romantic antics and outrageous family drama, Meredith Schorr confirms her place on my bookshelves as an auto-buy author. Someone Just Like You is an enchanting tale about the power of forgiveness in forging our happy endings. I read it in one sitting.”
—Jean Meltzer, International Bestselling Author of The Matzah Ball

"Someone Just Like You gave me all the feels. Hooked immediately by the irresistible premise, I was completely captivated from the first page, wanting to live in Molly and Jude's worlds forever. These enemies-turned-lovers had such clever banter that I smiled throughout the entire book, enthralled by their differences that created off-the-charts chemistry." 
—Samantha M. Bailey, USA Today bestselling author of Woman on the Edge

"Could there be a better setting for a swoony, tension-filled romance than the lively streets of New York City? Someone Just Like You is brimming with heart and charm, and readers will be rooting for Molly and Jude through all their pranks, misunderstandings, past hurt, and present undeniable attraction. Such a fun read!"
—Amy Poeppel, author of The Sweet Spot

What is a favorite compliment you have received on your writing? 
This is more about actions than words, but what makes all the hard work worth it for me is when a reader loves my book so much and posts on social media urging everyone in the world to read it because they loved it "so so so much." I’ve been tagged in posts like this that sparkle with such effusive, heartfelt, and authentic enthusiasm that my heart feels so full it might burst wide open. That is the biggest compliment I’ve gotten.
What were the biggest rewards and challenges with writing Someone Just Like You
It’s been so long since I wrote it that it’s hard to remember LOL but I recall how thrilled I was when my editor gushed about how much she loved the changes I made during developmental edits—she actually said she “loved, loved, loved them!” Another reward was signing with a film agent for this book since we didn’t get film interest with As Seen on TV

One challenge was the pressure of trying to write a book that readers enjoyed as much as As Seen on TV, and in other cases hoping so hard to win over readers who didn’t like it for whatever reason. Also, I didn’t think much about sales numbers while writing As Seen on TV since the book wasn’t even in contract yet. As a published author, the stakes are so much higher in terms of staying in the game. It is very difficult to focus on the writing when you let the pressure of reviews and sales get into your head.
If you could tell the debut novelist version of yourself anything, what would it be? 
I would tell her the same thing I try to remind myself to do now: embrace all the wonderful things that are happening with the book and all the readers who have connected with it and try to take the disappointments and negative reviews in stride. Be present and in the moment and enjoy the ride as much as possible rather than looking ahead and worrying about what comes next.
What is the last movie you saw that you would recommend? 
Are You There God, it’s Me Margaret. It made my Gen X heart so happy!
If your life were a TV series, which celebrity would you want to narrate it? 
Derek Jeter!
Have you ever met your doppelganger? 
I have never seen my doppelganger, but I’ve met people through the course of my life so far who have said they know someone who looks EXACTLY like me. Who knows...maybe she's dating my soulmate while I'm dating her soulmate's doppelganger :)

Thanks to Meredith for visiting with us and for sharing her book with our readers.

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