Friday, June 9, 2023

What's in the (e) a book giveaway

Love Interest by Clare Gilmore from St. Martin's Press (NetGalley)
The Second Half by/from Rachel Blaufeld (NetGalley)
Sex Ed by Kristen Bailey from Storm Publishing (NetGalley)
Memories of You by Brooke Harris from Storm Publishing (NetGalley)
Coming Clean by Beth Uznis Johnson from Regal House (NetGalley)
For Never & Always by Helena Greer from Forever (NetGalley)
Stars in Your Eyes by Kacen Callender from Forever (NetGalley)
Better Hate than Never by Chloe Liese from Berkley (NetGalley)
The Guest Room by Tasha Sylva from Henry Holt (NetGalley)
Dragged to the Wedding by Andrew Grey from Carina Press (NetGalley)
Her Sweet Revenge by Sarah Bonner from Grand Central (NetGalley)

Hothouse Flower by Krista and Becca Ritchie from Berkley (NetGalley)
Little Wife Lies by/from Katherine Cobb (ebook)
This Child of Mine by Emma-Claire Wilson from Avon (NetGalley)
The Beautiful and the Wild by Peggy Townsend from Berkley (NetGalley)
The Good Part by Sophie Cousens from Putnam (NetGalley)
Woke Up Like This by Amy Lea from MB Communications (NetGalley)

The Christmas Orphans Club by Becca Freeman from Penguin (NetGalley)
A Storm of Infinite Beauty by Julianne MacLean from BookSparks (NetGalley)

What could be in YOUR mail?

The Drowning Woman by Robyn Harding (releasing on June 13th)

Thanks to Grand Central Publishing, we have one copy to give away!

Lee Gulliver never thought she’d find herself living on the streets—no one ever does—but when her restaurant fails, and she falls deeper into debt, she leaves her old life behind with nothing but her clothes and her Toyota Corolla. In Seattle, she parks in a secluded spot by the beach to lay low and plan her next move—until early one morning, she sees a sobbing woman throw herself into the ocean. Lee hauls the woman back to the surface, but instead of appreciation, she is met with fury. The drowning woman, Hazel, tells her that she wanted to die, that she’s trapped in a toxic, abusive marriage, that she’s a prisoner in her own home. Lee has thwarted her one chance to escape her life.

Out of options, Hazel retreats to her gilded cage, and Lee thinks she’s seen the last of her, until her unexpected return the next morning. Bonded by disparate but difficult circumstances, the women soon strike up a close and unlikely friendship. And then one day, Hazel makes a shocking request: she wants Lee to help her disappear. It’ll be easy, Hazel assures her, but Lee soon learns that nothing is as it seems, and that Hazel may not be the friend Lee thought she was. (Courtesy of Amazon.)

‘I'm in absolute awe of Robyn Harding's talent and skill. The Drowning Woman is an astonishing, expertly crafted story of two damaged women desperate for love and a fresh start whose paths collide then epically crash and burn. With one killer twist after another and a masterful plot, I gasped out loud and flipped through the brilliant pages so quickly that my fingers caught fire. It's one of the most gripping books I've read this year.’ 
-- Samantha M. Bailey, author of Woman on the Edge

‘With deceitful characters who are not what they seem, a myriad of unexpected twists and turns, and a story that moves along at high speed, The Drowning Woman is everything I love in a thriller. Robyn Harding keeps readers hooked until the end.’ 
-- Mary Kubica, New York Times bestselling author of Local Woman Missing

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Mary Patricia Bird said...

I cannot ever remember almost drowning. I'd be pretty scared I'm sure, so I think I would remember.

Emily Catan said...

Once, when I was 7 or 8 years old. I remember vividly that I was sitting on the beach searching for some seashells; then a big wave (to the small me then) came over my head and dragged me into the sea. I tumbled again and again, took in gulps of salty water, and I thought that I was going to die. Then, another wave pushed me back towards the beach. With all the force that I could gather, I thrashed myself as far away as I could from the sea! Thank god!
That terrifying experience has made me aguaphobia since. Until today, I still do not know how to swim..

Lisa D said...

I got myself into a bit of trouble in the Surf Pool at Typhoon Lagoon as a child. I wasn't a strong swimmer but swum out into the deep water. I then heard a loud boom and saw a large wave coming at me. I tried to outswim it but I wasn't fast enough and it hit me, dragging me under the water and all the way back to the shore!

Mary Preston said...

I have been tumbled about in a rough surf, but only for a few seconds. Scary though.

Padmini Rao said...

I have never drowned but I have nightmares about drowning. I never liked swimming so I didn’t follow through with my lessons as a child.

Nancy said...

No. Thank goodness, I have not had a near drowning episode.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Katherine said...

Thankfully no, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a situation truly that serious. But it would be terrifying.

Mary C said...

Thankfully no.

Burma Turner said...

Thankfully, I have never almost drowned. That would be horrifying!

Nancy P said...

My mom once had a premonition that I would drown & was able to (possibly) save my life (another child had removed my floatation device).

holdenj said...

No, thank goodness. I started swimming lessons when I was 4.

diannekc said...

No, I haven't almost drowned. I'm sure that would be something I would remember.

Stacey Roberson said...

I have never almost drowned and I don't want to ever experience that. It would be very scary.

Annmarie Weeks said...

I actually did almost drown as a child. Long story short, sledding at a golf course and my sled & I went straight into a pond that wasn't frozen over. I was 5 & didn't know how to swim. Fortunately an older boy jumped in & grabbed me & pulled me out.