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Book Review: Stars Collide

By Sara Steven

Eden Sands has been a star for twenty years, but it’s lonely at the top. Her mediocre marriage just ended, and her inner circle is smaller than ever. The stage is the only place she’s ever felt like she truly belonged, and yet, her last album flopped, and her upcoming tour hasn’t sold out. Eden’s desperate for her star to shine bright again, but when her team suggests a collaboration with an up-and-coming young star to give her a boost, she balks.

Anna Moss is pop music’s rising star. She’s idolized Eden Sands for most of her life—so it’s a dream come true when she’s invited to perform with her at the Grammys. Anna’s tired of being defined by her bubbly persona. She wants to be taken seriously as an artist, and a duet with Eden could be just what she needs.

As Anna and Eden rehearse, they soon realize they have more in common than their musical talents. Now they just have to decide if what is between them is a one-hit wonder or the making of a romance worthy of one of the greatest love songs of all time. (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

Stars Collide is a beautiful love story between two unlikely individuals. Eden has spent the majority of her life doing what others feel is best for her, following direction and the status quo. She is seen as a seasoned performer who keeps her distance from not only the public, but within her personal relationships. Anna is a lot more independent, yet no one takes her seriously. She’s just “a kid,” even though she’s an adult and wants to be seen as such. Her relationships have been fodder for the public, because she is a lot more open and willing to bare all. 

Eden realizes a duet with Anna could bring a younger demographic into the mix. Anna knows performing with Eden will potentially allow the public to see her as a talented adult performer. I really enjoyed that initial scene, when the two women work together. I mean, I love all of the scenes, but I could tell with that very first duet the type of potential magic that would be there, on and off the stage. There is a means to an end for both Eden and Anna, yet they end up getting a lot more than they bargained for. 

Eden brings out a more mature side to Anna. Anna gives Eden the allowance she needs to feel free. I don’t know any celebrities in a personal capacity, but I could imagine what they go through is a lot like what is described within Stars Collide. The difficulties at living a “normal life” under the scrutiny of the world. Eden is scared to leave her hotel room during tours, for fear that she’ll get mobbed. Anna has to wear disguises so no one recognizes her, just so she can explore and go out in public. They navigate the surreal together, first as friends, and then, as something that could be more.

From the get go, I was hooked on their story. The chapters flowed effortlessly, winding up until it hits a high crescendo that neither character can come back from. The steam factor was at an all-time high, which I had suspected would be the case, but much like the relationship between these two characters, I got a lot more than I bargained for in that department! It was a great read–a definite five-star experience!

Thanks to Over the River PR for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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