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Book Review: One Day With You

By Sara Steven

Tress Walker waved her perfect husband Max off to work, with no idea that she was about to go into labour with their first child. And completely unaware that when she tried to track Max down, he wouldn’t be where he was supposed to be.

At the same time, Max’s best friend Noah Clark said goodbye to his wife, Mya, blissfully oblivious that he would soon discover the woman he adored had been lying to him for years.

And living alongside the two couples, their recently widowed friend, Nancy Jenkins, is getting ready to meet Eddie, her first true love at a school reunion. Will Nancy have the chance to rekindle an old flame, or will she choose to stay by Tress’s side when she needs her most?

One Day with You - two fateful goodbyes, two unexpected hellos, and 24 hours that change everything. (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

I love stories that intricately connect characters together, and that’s exactly what I experienced with One Day With You. While I had a pretty good idea of where Max was headed, and I also had a feeling about the secrets Anya (in the book, Noah’s wife is named Anya, not Mya, as the synopsis indicates) is keeping, what happens when it is all revealed is earth-shattering. It leaves the reader with many questions that are answered and revealed little by little over the course of the book, keeping you engaged. I didn’t want to stop reading, in an effort to get to the truth.

I really loved Nancy. I think she’s my favorite character. She has become an honorary aunt for Tress, who doesn’t have much family to call on for help, and she has known both Max and Noah their entire lives, having been neighbors for decades. While the world seems to be imploding all around the other characters, it seems Nancy becomes the calm for everyone, balancing everything out. I also enjoyed the plotline where Eddie is concerned. Although Nancy doesn’t regret the relationship and marriage she’d had with her recently deceased husband, there had been points in her life where she had questioned what life would have been like, had she chosen Eddie instead. 

Where one moment leaves off, with one character’s perspective, another moment picks up, separately, yet tied together. I really appreciated the raw honesty, even when dealing with topics that would be considered subjects that shouldn’t have gray areas. I’ve found that humans are filled with gray areas, and the author was true to that human behavior. Right or wrong, and true to each character. 

My only tiny gripe would be the way that one character’s evolution comes to fruition, in a way that I felt might have been too abrupt. I wanted to see more from the potential fall out with relationships–to see where things would go, to see how this character would deal with things going forward, but I didn’t get to see that. Despite it, though, One Day With You was an amazing and thought-provoking experience, with a lens inside of the human condition. It was a definite five-star experience! 

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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