Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Book Review: I Told You This Would Happen

By Sara Steven

**Synopsis may contain spoilers for Look What You Made Me Do**

When a new string of deaths share an eerie likeness to her dead sister’s preferred murder method, Carrie Lawrence is on the hunt for a copycat killer.

Carrie's sister is dead.

Four months after losing her sister, Becca—a serial killer unknown to everyone else in their town—Carrie Lawrence is finally free of her manipulative clutches. From now on, she's keeping her hands clean, no more hiding dead bodies in the middle of the night, no more lies.

She's never been happier.

Then she attends a meeting of the Brampton Kill Seekers, a group of amateur local sleuths, and learns that a recent victim left behind a note that incriminates her in their disappearance. All of a sudden, the quiet, law-abiding life she's been planning starts to unravel.

She's never had so much to lose.

In her frantic quest to keep her secret dead and buried, she discovers someone nefarious lurking in the shadows...someone who'll go to any lengths to bring her dark truths to light. Now if Carrie wants her secrets to stay hidden, she'll have to get her hands very, very dirty. (Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads.)

I read the book that had come before this one–Look What You Made Me Do (reviewed here)–which made me even more excited to see what had become of Carrie, and to find out if she could truly move on or if she’d have unwanted ties to her former life with her sister. Along with that are a lot of hidden lies and secrets that Carrie has to keep from those closest to her, for fear of having the potential perfect life she’s been dreaming of her whole life removed and thrown away, along with her freedom.

The Brampton Kill Seekers was an interesting group. I thought it was a good way to move the plot forward, since everyone who is part of the group has an interest in finding out who the new serial killer might be, along with deciphering a note that was left behind by one of the victims. It was a total twist when it’s discovered that the clues were left for Carrie all along, and she has to try to decipher it all as best she can, or risk losing it all. 

From the first book and into the second one, I’d had my doubts about Carrie’s boyfriend. It was something her sister Becca had brought up and had never wavered on, so while I enjoyed finding out what the note meant, I also wanted to see what would become of Carrie’s boyfriend and if he’s more malicious than what was let on. It was really great how the people you think you can’t rely on, who are seen as the most dangerous, can become the closest allies, while characters seen as reliable and dependable could very well be Carrie’s undoing, and you never know for sure which way things would go. It kept me guessing until the very end. 

I Told You This Would Happen was a great follow-up to Look What You Made Me Do. The bad guys, the supposed “good” guys, and characters like Carrie who toe the line between what can be viewed as good vs. evil, with plenty of drama, suspense, and intrigue. It was a definite five-star experience!

Thanks to Grand Central for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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