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Julie Stone rocks our a book giveaway

We're pleased to welcome Julie Stone to CLC today. Her latest rom com, He's with the Band, sounds like such a fun read and we're loving the cover too. Julie is here to tell us more about it and she has a copy to give away!

Julie Stone was born a child of the seventies, complete with rainbow shirts, roller skates and magic rocks. All that whim and whimsy ushered her into the wonderful world of being a teenager in the eighties, something she has a hard time letting go of most days. She grew up watching John Hughes movies, pegging her jeans, and avidly reading everything Judy Blume and Sweet Valley High.

Alas, she had to leave it all behind and become an adult. Graduating from the University of Iowa where, along with a degree in English, she also earned herself a husband and embarked on all of the regular, boring grown up things that come with age. Until the magical world of motherhood brought along a new chapter of joy, terror and sleepless nights.  But also, nap time. Suddenly there was occasion to go back to her creative calling and write. Through raising two kids, several moves around the Midwest, those stories and that keyboard kept her company and kept her relatively sane. (Depending on who you ask.)

Now settled back in her home state, she writes Rom-Coms with a more mature heroine, because Happily-Ever-Afters shouldn’t have an expiration date.  Always a fan of big hair and an even bigger fan of Eighties music, she is currently working her way through a bucket list of reunion tours. (Bio courtesy of Julie's website.)

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After twenty-three years of marriage to an utter jackass and beige d├ęcor as far as the eye can see, Campbell Cavett is now divorced. Officially. But how did she lose herself for all these years? Somehow she went from being a bold, starry-eyed young groupie who followed Golden Tiger on tour to…snapping photos of snot-nosed kids for their Pinterest moms at the local Portrait Hut.

But she takes her Divorce Party one bottle of Pinot Grigio too far and wakes to discover she’s quit her boring-ass job, arranged to sell her house, and has tickets to the Golden Tiger reunion show. Which is exactly when fate and Campbell decide it’s time to pick up where she left off all those years ago.

Now Campbell’s on tour as the official photographer of her favorite band and living the life she’s always dreamed. But backstage access means that she’s about to discover a whole lot. Not just about herself, but about a blast from her past who looks way hotter than he has any right to twenty-plus years later. Plus there’s that mind-blowing secret Golden Tiger’s been hiding from everyone. They say time can heal anything. But is six weeks on the road enough to truly start fresh? (Courtesy of Amazon.)

"Grab your favorite concert T-shirt and go on tour with this fun, second-chance romance!" 
--Jennifer Shirk, Author of Romancing His Rival

What is a favorite compliment you have received on your writing?    
For He's with the Band, I had a reader tell me she wanted to be friends with Campbell. That she was so real to her that she could picture their friendship. That was a really nice thing to hear.  Also, my writing is entertaining. That the stories were engrossing enough to take them away a bit. Oh, and that they laughed. I love to hear that! My whole life I've thought I was funny, which can sometimes be a sure sign that you aren't. So, that was a nice one. 

How are you similar to or different from Campbell? 
Similar-I absolutely love live music. I think that is what we have most in common.  That strong sense of nostalgia she has, is something that has always been a part of me.  I have a ridiculous memory of my teenage years. I'm the queen of "remember when."   And to some degree, her feeling invisible. I think that is something all women struggle with as we reach a certain age. Who am I at this stage of my life? That bit of her taking stock and figuring out what is important now, at this age as opposed to who she was when she was twenty. Different-I actually have my dream job-and a life I love: husband, kids, cats. I didn't have to go out on the road to find it. Though, I would 100% become a groupie for a rock band if the opportunity presented itself.  

If He's with the Band were made into a movie, who would you cast in the leading roles? 
Oh, this is such a good question! The book clubs that I have done always talk about this. I would love to see Leslie Mann as Campbell. Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be a great Vince. Kate Beckinsale as Marissa. And the guys of Golden Tiger? That one I still go around with. Obviously Davis has to be pretty, not handsome. I'd love to hear what your readers think on that one. I was picturing Brett Michaels while I wrote it. 

Who is your all-time favorite band?  
Bon Jovi without hesitation. I love their old stuff and their new. I saw them on the last tour (twice :) ) and they are still putting on a great show. Those songs, man, they take me right back to so many good times. I love when music can do that. It's like comfort food. I love how Jon Bon Jovi does such good work in his community with Soul Kitchen. 

What is the last movie you saw that you would recommend?
I absolutely loved Maverick-it was so nostalgic of the original Top Gun for me (are you sensing a theme?). They did a great job tying the two together, I thought-the music especially and some of the big scenic shots. It made me re-watch Top Gun when I got home.  I also loved the new Downton Abbey. And I just re-watched Sleepless in Seattle-cannot beat an old school Rom-Com. 

With October around the corner, tell us your favorite Halloween tradition. 
I grew up in a small town so I was pretty lucky as far as getting free roaming Trick-or-Treating. And it was the 70s so things were just not as big of a production. We just threw on our costumes and hit the streets. I also loved that Halloween dances in the 80s were similar no muss no fuss. No one was trying to be a "Sexy" anything.  We just threw together a costume out of what we had. I remember going as a sailor with actual culottes one year. And there is nothing sexy about those, especially when you are wearing an actual sailor cap.  When my kids were little, Halloween was their favorite holiday and the dads would take the kids and the moms would sit in each cul-de-sac at bonfires and hand out the candy. I loved that, too. Now we mostly watch a scary movie, which I do enjoy. 

Thanks to Julie for visiting with us and for sharing her book with our readers.

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