Thursday, June 2, 2022

Spotlight and Giveaway: The Setup

We are now three for three with featuring novels that have orange covers (see our spotlight posts from last week, if you don't believe us). Today, we are celebrating the upcoming publication of The Setup by Lizzy Dent, which releases on June 7th! We love the premise of this romcom and are excited to share it with you. Thanks to Putnam, we have TWO copies to give away!

The last place very average thirty-one-year-old Mara Williams thought she’d be is on a solo vacation impersonating her fortune teller when she finally meets the one. Josef, a gorgeous Austrian cellist, sits down for a reading and before she knows it, she’s telling him his destiny will be sitting in a pub in the English seaside town of Broadgate on the last Friday of August. And her name is Mara.

Enter Project Mara: three months to turn herself into the stylish, confident woman she’s always hoped to be. Meanwhile, the crumbling, formerly glamorous beachside pool club where she works is under threat and her eccentric colleagues enlist her help to save it, just as a handsome new housemate casts doubts on her ideas about “the one.” Can Mara pull off the transformation of a lifetime? And by summer’s end, will she know who is her destiny?

I fell in love with Lizzy Dent's writing with The Summer Job and have been waiting with bated breath to see what she does next. This book is everything I wanted and then some. With Dent's usual humor, wit, and warmth and a spectacularly charming cast of weirdos, The Setup is exactly the kind of summer read I'm constantly on the hunt for. I love astrology-obsessed hot-mess Mara, I love the crumbling little Broadgate lido she's out to save, and I love-love-love Lizzy Dent. 
—Emily Henry, author of People We Meet on Vacation and Book Lovers

“An adorable rom com packed full of nostalgia and Dent’s trademark wit.” 
—Sophie Cousens, author of This Time Next Year

Photo by Kerstin Weidinger, 2021
Lizzy Dent (mis)spent her early twenties working in Scotland in hospitality. After years travelling the world making Music TV for MTV and Channel 4, and creating digital content for Cartoon Network, the BBC and ITV, she wrote three Young Adult novels as Rebecca Denton published in the UK. The Summer Job was her debut adult novel. Now in her late thirties she lives among London, Austria, and New Zealand with her young family.

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Suburban prep said...

yes, I have been set up twice before I met the man I am now married to. The two set ups did not go very well. live and learn.

Toni Laliberte said...

Yes, to both questions. I've been set up on a date and I've set a few dates up for other people. I have to admit I'm better at setting up dates than I am at getting set up on them. Lol!

Mary C said...

No to both questions.

Unknown said...
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Linda Kish said...

I have been set up...didn't work out. I never set anyone up.

Nancy said...

Yes, to both questions.This sounds like a fun book.

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Mary Preston said...

Yes, I have been set up. It did not go well.

Rita Wray said...

No to both

bn100 said...

No to both

Dianne Casey said...

No, to both questions.

Nancy P said...

I have set up a lot of happy couples. Not very good at doing it for myself though..