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Kid-ding around with Sariah a book giveaway

Today we are pleased to feature Sariah Wilson and talk about her latest rom com, Cinder-Nanny. Melissa read it last weekend and loved it! She will be reviewing soon, but you can check out her Bookstagram post in the meantime. Thanks to Kaye Publicity, we have one copy to give away!

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Sariah Wilson
is the author of CINDER-NANNY (June 21, 2022; Montlake). A passionate believer in happily-ever-afters, Sariah and her own soulmate live in Utah with their four children and the two family cats. Her belief in true love has inspired many other standalone novels including ROOMMAID (2020), THE SEAT FILLER (2021) and THE PAID BRIDESMAID (2022), and several bestselling romance series, including End of the Line (THE FRIEND ZONE, JUST A BOYFRIEND); Lovestruck (#STARSTRUCK, #MOONSTRUCK, #AWESTRUCK); Ugly Stepsisters (THE UGLY STEPSISTER STRIKES BACK; PROMPOSAL), and Royals of Monterra (ROYAL DATE, ROYAL CHASE, ROYAL GAMES, ROYAL DESIGN). 

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With her sister’s medical bills mounting, Diana Parker can’t say no to a high-paying opportunity like this: accompany a wealthy couple to Aspen and nanny their precocious five-year-old son for three months. Necessary qualifications? She must know how to ski and teach math, speak fluent French, excel at social graces, and hold a master’s degree in childhood development. Who’ll be the wiser that Diana’s only skill is packing for Colorado?

So far, so good—having a con woman for a mother has turned out to be a benefit, even if Diana has complicated feelings about telling lies. But she’s doing this for her sister. And the perks—like a ticket to a lavish charity fundraiser, a new gown, and a Prince Charming–adjacent earl named Griffin Windsor—are pretty irresistible. Diana can’t deny the Cinderella vibe.

Wary of gold diggers and scandal, England’s most eligible bachelor is nevertheless falling for Diana, and sweeping the not-quite princess off her feet.

The warmer their relationship becomes, the slipperier the slopes are for Diana. Sooner or later, she’ll have to come clean. When that happens, does an honest-to-goodness happy ending stand a chance?

What were the biggest rewards and challenges with writing Cinder-Nanny?
One of the biggest rewards was finally getting to write an English nobleman. I’ve enjoyed British lords in historical romances and kind of had one of those lightbulb moments of, “Why don’t I just write a modern day one?” Griffin was a fun hero to write! I think one of the challenges was dealing with the issue of dyspraxia. My youngest son is dyspraxic, and I think it’s something that a lot of people are unaware of (I’d never heard of it before his diagnosis!) and I wanted to represent it in a way that felt true for my family and our experiences.  

What is something you learned from writing your other books that you applied to Cinder-Nanny?
Well, the first thing I always apply is telling myself that I absolutely can write a whole book because I’ve done it so many times before (because sometimes you really doubt yourself and your abilities!) I also knew going into this one that there would be readers who would have an issue with my heroine Diana lying, but I tried to make that as understandable and sympathetic as possible. 

If Cinder-Nanny were made into a movie, what songs would be on the soundtrack?
Oh, I’m not a cool music person who has the perfect, indie playlist for their books. I listen to music while I’m writing, but it’s mainly the same pop songs over and over again, particularly ones that evoke a certain mood. I really love “Wildfire” by Natalie Taylor. That’s one that I play when I’m writing kissing scenes. Some other songs I listened to while writing Cinder-Nanny include: “Release Me” by Agnes, “Lightning” by The Wanted and “Love, Save the Empty” by Erin McCarley. I feel like listening to the same music tells my brain that it’s time to write and create.  

What is the last movie you saw that you would recommend?
The last movie I saw that I would wholeheartedly, one hundred percent recommend, is The Lost City. I don’t understand why Hollywood is not making more romantic comedies, especially ones with an adventure driving the story forward. It was funny, it was romantic, I have seen it four times already. People should watch it!  

What is something funny that one of your kids has said when they were little?
I have a couple of favorites – my toddler daughter made a giant mess of her toys and I said something to her about it, and in the sweetest most adorable voice she said, “I sorry I make a mess. I didn’t mean it.” We actually recorded her saying it because SO CUTE. Another—my youngest son and I came home from preschool one day and our cat Tiger was meowing at us. I asked my son, “What do you think he’s saying?” My son said, “I don’t know, I only speak a little bit of cat,” and got on the floor to meow back at Tiger.  

If we were to visit you right now, what are some places you would take us to see?
That might be a hard one because I’m an introvert who never goes anywhere. I could show you my family room and my bedroom where I write (although the second one would depend on how clean my bedroom is, so probably not that one ever). I hear there’s a lot of nature type stuff you can do here and hiking and mountains and possibly skiing, but meh. I do like Sundance, though. I could take you to Sundance. And shopping, since that’s my daughter’s favorite sport, so I know where to go for that. 

Thanks to Sariah for chatting with us and to Kaye Publicity for sharing her book with our readers.

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