Friday, June 25, 2021

Book Review: The Woman Means Business

By Cindy Roesel

Samantha Cedarwood isn’t taking on life the easy way. In Esselle Mason’s debut novel THE WOMAN MEANS BUSINESS, she’s just divorced her husband, has decided to start a business and moves into a new house and village. But before she can try and get her company off the ground, the very private Samantha has to get used to her very forward neighbors walking into her house unexpected, at any time. Apparently, the residents of West Volesley haven’t heard about having boundaries.

Carole is a feisty successful business woman who has sex on her mind 24/7 and wants to teach Samantha how to relax. That often starts with a bottle of wine or a martini at any hour of the day. Mrs. Doughy is a know it all who thinks everyone wants her opinion. She wanders in and out of Samantha’s house offering lots of unsolicited advice. Ten-year old Britney is a sassy tween with the wisdom of a twenty-plus year old. It’s her self-appointed job to help Samantha keep things in perspective. Finally, there’s Kent, the village hunk who has been pursued by every female in town and is giving out mixed messages to Samantha.

Samantha can barely afford her mortgage and is pinching pennies to start her new marketing company in a barely furnished house. She starts out by making cold calls, which only put her in a funk. The couple of meetings she has, are with ugly excuses for men, who send her confidence south. 

It’s when Samantha opens up to taking advice and becoming part of the community that things begin to look up. THE WOMAN MEANS BUSINESS is about starting over, learning how to reach out for help and discovering one’s self-confidence comes from within. I enjoyed the book. All the characters were well-developed and a bit quirky. Author, Esselle Mason says she has more books about Samantha’s journey in West Volesley in the works. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Esselle Mason for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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