Thursday, June 24, 2021

Book Review: Thanks for the Love

By Sara Steven

When your life crumbles around you, it's hard to find something to be thankful for. Nevertheless, Gabby Marshall is determined to start anew in sunny Miami. New city, new job, and two new interesting roommates bring lots of new opportunities for a fresh start.

As well as some challenges and surprises.

Gabby's putting her heart and soul into her new career, without the distraction of love getting in the way. Yet she keeps crossing paths with the gorgeous and welcoming Theo Jorgenson. Maybe Gabby could make one little exception and allow Theo in … except her new roommate and Theo are sworn enemies.

Life in Miami could be promising … or it could fall apart. Again. (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon)

Gabby has a lot of courage! After getting her heart broken, she moves away from the life she’s known in Orlando, which means leaving behind the family and friends who have been her support system even through the worst of times. She picks back up in Miami, but it means an entirely new environment, a new job as a real estate agent, and moving in with roommates she doesn’t know. While reading about her experiences with all of this, I kept reflecting on the fact that Gabby has been completely uprooted, and I appreciated how that was reflected well. So much change all at once isn’t easy for anyone, particularly after already dealing with damaging hurt. 

Coming from a background of property management, I really enjoyed Gabby’s experiences in the real estate world, and when she describes the people she works with, there was one character in particular who reminded me of Christine from the Netflix show, Selling Sunset. It made for an interesting work environment for Gabby. Through all of her endeavors, I loved how Theo was thrown into the mix of it all, only raising the stakes on her happiness and giving her pause. Should she continue to focus solely on her career? Is she ready to even entertain the idea of starting a new relationship with someone, so soon?

It doesn’t help that one of her roommates loathes Theo. It seems there were a lot of miscommunicated moments that led to that, and Gabby isn’t sure if she should have loyalty to Theo, or the roommate. 

I really enjoyed Gabby’s story, and seeing the growth progression that comes from her. Even though she has completely “rerolled” her life, she’s making it work as best as she can, despite the lows, because they might lead to eventual highs. There’s another novella in the Thankful series that came out in May, and I’m looking forward to reading it! 

Thanks to Melissa Baldwin for the book in exchange for an honest review. Thanks for the Love can be purchased here.

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