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Kathryn Starke is a a book giveaway

Today we welcome Kathryn Starke to CLC. She's here to talk about Valentine's Day. In honor of the upcoming holiday, she has a "couple" of copies of her latest novel, The Perfect Blend, to give away!

Kathryn Starke is a literacy consultant, author, adjunct professor, and the founder of Creative Minds Publications, an educational publishing company. The Perfect Blend is her fifth book and first title in the contemporary romance category. Starke is a former elementary school teacher and the creator of Tackle Reading, an annual educational initiative supported by the NFL. 

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She has no time to date. He has no desire to date. Nevertheless, one sweet treat blends the perfect match. This contemporary romance reminds readers of the power of a variety of relationships in life. You never know what could be brewing right under your nose!

Minnie Logan is the owner of Logan’s Coffee Shop, a staple in a small New England town. Struggling to maintain her grandfather's legacy and rent payments, Minnie has less than a month to creatively preserve and renew her family business. Robert Vaughan, the CFO of a giant coffee conglomerate, arrives in the small town in pursuit of a takeover of Logan’s Coffee Shop. Unbeknownst to Minnie, she falls for the mysterious newcomer while she uses the magic of love and the miracle of faith to give back to the community that has given so much to her. (Courtesy of Amazon.)

A Valentine’s Day Memory

As February 14th approaches every year, what goes through your mind? We single ladies wonder if we will have a valentine while couples debate how they are going to celebrate (and hope they have the same plan in mind). When I think about my own Valentine’s Day memories over the years, I realize I am always in school, which in my opinion, is the best place to celebrate the holiday. In elementary school land, everyone is included, everyone is celebrating, and everyone is spreading the love. I always look forward to seeing the sea of red and pink that is present throughout the hallways of the building and inside every single classroom. The students’ outfits, wall decorations, office deliveries, and bulletin board displays are huge clues that Valentine’s Day is underway.

When I was an elementary school student, I loved writing each of my classmates’ names on envelopes at home then dressing up the next day in a red skirt or pink sweater to deliver them all.  I loved decorating my personalized valentine bag or envelope to hold all of the valentines I would receive from my classmates. When I became an elementary school teacher, the feelings remained the same. I was fortunate to always have plans from 8:30am-3:30pm on February 14th and have at least twenty seven-year-old valentines every single year. I purposely planned holiday themed lessons throughout the day including activities like cinnamon red hot candy math and conversation heart sentences. We read a number of Valentine’s Day themed books and even incorporated a lesson about heart health. I also surprised each student with a personalized love letter, which matches my personal passion of writing-another common theme throughout my Valentine’s Day memories.

In high school, I was a guest contributing writer for our school newspaper. I was thrilled when I was selected to write a piece for the Valentine’s Day issue. The assignment included interviewing ladies and gentlemen about the age-old question What do men and women want? Interestingly enough, the article indicated there is not much difference in the thinking between a seventeen-year-old and thirty-seven-year-old. We want honesty, respect, and communication at any age. During all of my questioning, the best response I heard was when a guy confidently said, “a woman wants a man who would do anything for her.” Romance novels and romantic movies are created for us to fall in love with these characters, the man who fights for the woman he wants and the woman who puts all of her love and faith in this one special person. 

This Valentine’s Day, I am sharing my passion for writing once again with the publication of The Perfect Blend, a contemporary romance novel with a Valentine’s Day theme. The book explores romantic relationships alongside the relationship between a mother and daughter, father and son, and grandfather’s legacy and the community. The book’s setting revolves around Valentine’s Day through the eyes of a single woman, a single man, an elementary school student, and the people in their lives. Valentine’s Day is the best time to make the most important people in your life feel extra special.

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, and we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. Therefore, I will not be in a school, but I will be focused on writing. This month, along with the release of The Perfect Blend, I will be hosting a virtual Valentine’s Day tea on social media platforms to chat about the book, answer any questions about the title, and talk about the writing world. This book is dedicated to everyone searching for their perfect blend, so anyone can join in the conversation. Publishing for a purpose will also be a topic of discussion. I believe that making an impact beyond a book is essential.  In honor of heart health month, profits from proceeds from The Perfect Blend will be donated to the American Heart Association. I don’t know for sure what my Valentine’s Day will look like in the future, but I do know one quote from the book is true. “You never know when Cupid is going to strike!”

Thanks to Kathryn for visiting with us and for sharing her book with our readers.

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Melissa said...

One of my favorite Valentine's Day memories is when I was in elementary school when we'd all make our own "Valentine's Mailbox" for our friends and classmates to slip Valentine's into! It was a quick and easy way to make all of us feel special and recognized.

Gretchen said...

When I gave birth to my daughter at 12:55 am on 2/14/93 :)

traveler said...

Valentine's Day was lovely when I was young and in elementary school. We exchanged valentines and enjoyed this special day. Now I enjoy it by giving my grandchildren lovely handmade gifts.

Suburban prep said...

I have two. The first I received flowers (tulips my favorite) anonymously. Eventually found out who sent them. Four yrs later the person asked me to marry him on Valentine's Day. He was going to wait until the anniversary of our first date but my dear grandmother was not well and he wanted me to be able to tell her that things were going to be OK.

Anonymous said...

I loved when I was in grade school and sending Valentine cards to my friends and getting some in return. Thanks for your great generosity. Linda May

Mary Patricia Bird said...

Valentine's Day has always been pretty non-eventful for me. Neither my ex or current husband ever made a big deal out of it that I remember though I have a heck of a lot of stuffed animals from that day over the years.

Nancy said...

I always thought it was fun to help our children make and or address their Valentine's Day cards for classmates, friends, and family when they were young.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Mary Preston said...

A dozen rose bushes was all kinds of WOW!!

Mary C said...

Day my grandfather came to live with us.

bn100 said...

getting flowers

rubynreba said...

Getting my diamond engagement ring!!!

Dianna said...

My husband took my ring in for cleaning and surprised me with a new one!

Nancy P said...

Making my boyfriend smile when I treated him to dinner instead of expecting gifts only for me. He bragged about how lucky he was to have me at work. Let's remember that guys like to be shown appreciation too. :)

Tatum Rangel said...

It was about five or six years ago when my sister and I went out to see an afternoon chamber music concert. Each guest even received some Sweethearts candies. Chamber music and candy made for a good Valentine's Day. :)

Kelley said...

The year my husband bought me 2 books and put one in the refrigerator and one in the laundry basket.