Monday, February 22, 2021

Brianne Davis's addictive a book giveaway

Today we welcome Brianne Davis to CLC to talk about her debut novel, Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex and Love Addict. Before you ask if it's erotica, we can assure you that it isn't. It's just a different kind of chick lit. Given Brianne's stellar career, we have no doubt that you will want to check it out. Brianne has one signed copy to give away!

Brianne Davis is a Hollywood actress, writer, producer and director. She can be seen as an actress in Lucifer, Casual, True Blood, the History Channel’s series Six, and the film Jarhead starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Brianne has produced three films with her production company, Give & Take Productions. She has directed two films, The Night Visitor 2: Heather’s Story and Deadly Signal

Brianne has over a decade of recovery as a sex and love addict. Inspired by her life experience, she is the host of the popular Personal Journals podcast Secret Life. Her article “I’m a Sex and Love Addict. Here’s How I Realized I Had a Problem.” was published in Huff Post Personal’s March 2020 issue and received over a million views. Brianne lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Mark Gantt and son, Davis.

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Imagine if Sex and the City's Samantha discovered she was a sex and love addict. Go on a hilarious, inspiring and, at times, shocking journey as Roxanne conquers her fears, changes her ways, gets closer to healthy relationships and begins loving herself a little more each day. 

What if you realize you're an addict and your drug of choice is MEN? After years of working as an image-obsessed actress in Hollywood, Roxanne finds herself at rock bottom from a disease that is anything but glamorous. In her first year of recovery, Roxanne has to take accountability for her past. From tales of being mistaken for a prostitute at the Hotel Bel-Air to botching a threesome attempt with an A-list celebrity, Roxanne must face the truth about herself and stop playing the victim.

Roxanne's odyssey of using sex and love—as destructive and beguiling as an alcoholic reaching for a bottle—is a veritable rollercoaster of ups and downs, laughter and tears, and a true testament to facing your absolute truth and conquering your fears. 

Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex & Love Addict has the vibrant, relatable vibe of chick lit, the soul-baring honesty of a memoir and the wisdom of a self-help book. It’s a vulnerable, humorous and sometimes outrageous look into the world of addiction. So take a front-row seat into this complex world and the 10 RULES Roxanne learns along the way. 

In one sentence, what was the road to publishing like for you?
I felt very empowered but extremely vulnerable and uncomfortable the whole time during the process.

How is Roxanne similar to or different from you?
At first, the book was a memoir, but it took on a life of its own. I knew I wanted to write a book that entertained non-addict readers. I also wanted to educate the reader on the reality of the disease of sex and love addiction. Secret Life is definitely a unique roman √† clef novel that combines memoir, self-help and elements of a chick lit book. Roxanne and I are similar and yet completely different. I would say it’s about a 50/50 split. I definitely put a lot of my past drama in Roxanne’s tale, but she developed into her own character as I wrote. I’d wake up in the middle of the night with crazy dreams of scenes that I needed to add to the book. I say that everyone may have a little Roxanne in them. She could be your mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, or even your boss. 

If Secret Life were made into a movie, who would you cast in the leading roles?
People often ask if I would want to play Roxanne. I have no desire to relive my addiction. Although, I would love to play Alice, Roxanne’s sponsor. I love that she’s ballsy and to the point like both of my sponsors in SLAA (Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous). On the flip side, she works in the public school system and deals with elementary kids. For Roxanne, I think Dakota Fanning or Shay Mitchell would rock the part. I would love an actress that you’d never expect to see them coming out as a sex and love addict. Lastly, I would jump for joy if Octavia Spencer or Jane Fonda would play Dr. Kath. That would be utterly amazing!

Which TV series are you currently binge watching?
Nothing! I wish I could watch television right now. With the book launch, Secret Life Podcast  writing the follow-up book, a three-year-old toddler at home (thank you, Covid), my podcast and producing partner/husband, Mark Gantt, are taking turns juggling multiple projects. We seem to have no time for anything. I think the last thing we watched was The Octopus Teacher on Netflix and HBO’s Succession. 

What is something you’ve learned about yourself during the pandemic?
I think the power of time management and being present for the little things. I have gotten more things done during this pandemic than before. I have my SLAA meeting every morning, I write every day and record interviews for the podcast and press. Oh yeah, and I’m self-taping myself for acting auditions. It’s all about scheduling, which is necessary because I want to stay present with my son now that he’s around all the time. I definitely love being a working mom, but it can be challenging. I’m blessed to have a great husband who shares all the household responsibilities. The biggest lesson, though, is the willingness to “just be” in the present moment with what is. I don’t find myself future-tripping or living in my past mistakes. Instead, I try to really appreciate my life on a much higher level. 

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
Oh my gosh, it’s so true that toddlers say the darndest things. My son and I were sharing a bowl of fruit and homemade whip cream. I was in the middle of a bite when he decided it was time for me to workout. He loves it when I exercise in the living room, and he joins me and climbs all over me. It’s a fun game to him and he was ready to play. He turned to me and said, “Mama, that’s enough. We workout now, no more, save some for later.” I started dying laughing that this not even three-year-old acted like my trainer and demanded I needed to workout. I even got it on video and posted it on TikTok, it’s hilarious and he is so cute. 

Thanks to Brianne for visiting with us and for sharing her book with our readers.

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