Thursday, January 21, 2021

Jennifer Probst is young at a book giveaway

Today we welcome Jennifer Probst to CLC. Her latest novel, Our Italian Summer, published last week. She's here today to talk about it and share some other fun information about herself. Thanks to Berkley, we have one e-book (via NetGalley) to give away!

Jennifer Probst is the New York Times bestselling author of the Billionaire Builders series, the Searching For . . . series, the Marriage to a Billionaire series, the Steele Brothers series, the Stay series, and the Sunshine Sisters series. Probst, along with her husband and two sons, calls New York’s Hudson Valley home. When she isn’t traveling to meet readers, she enjoys reading, watching “shameful reality television,” and visiting a local Hudson Valley animal shelter. 

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Workaholic and single mother Francesca Ferrari is one step away from a nervous breakdown when her studious, straight-laced, 17-year-old daughter Allegra is caught with illicit drugs. Allegra is sick of being ignored by her uptight mother whose one true love is her work. And Francesca’s mother, Sophia, knows that they’re all in trouble. Sophia is concerned that her family is falling apart in front of her eyes, and she also can’t seem to shake the feeling that her health is failing, fast. Sophia declares that a summer in Italy might just be the heart-mending cure they all need to keep their family from ripping apart at the seams.

What comes next is an adventure of a lifetime as the three women embark on a journey they’ll never forget. Filled with funny family bonding moments (that may or may not include a tumble down the Spanish Steps), a gorgeous Italian backdrop, and more than a few moments of sparkling romantic chemistry, OUR ITALIAN SUMMER is a dazzling escape to Italy with surprises around every turn.

What is a favorite compliment you have received on your writing?
One reader emailed me to thank me for keeping her company in a dark time in her life. She sat by her dying mother’s bedside reading my books and felt she had a friend with her. That gave me all the feels. It made me realize how important stories are in this world.
Which of the three lead characters in Our Italian Summer can you relate to the most?
All three of them are so different – Allegra is 18, Francesca in her forties, and Sophia is 70. I loved getting into each of the woman’s mindsets to really explore but I probably relate to Allegra the most because I remember how it was to be 18 and want your life to begin. How hard it is to balance family and school/friend relationships. How love feels so intense and passionate and painful. It was fun to go back to that age and allow myself to feel everything for the book.
If Our Italian Summer were made into a movie, who would you cast in the leading roles?
This is very difficult! Well, Meryl Streep for Sophia of course! How cool would that be! For Allegra I’d say Hailee Steinfeld  and for Francesca I’d say Rachel McAdams.
What TV series are you currently binge watching?
I just finished up The Boys on Prime which was so deliciously entertaining! Then I watched season three of Cobra Kai with my boys –teens—and it was a blast. Currently, I’m binging on what the rest of the world is: Bridgerton!
What is something you learned about yourself during the pandemic?
Having so much of the outside world shut down allowed me to realize I needed to work on my self-care. I’d gotten sloppy with food, not exercising or not doing anything for my mental health. I took the opportunity to make a positive change and began to exercise daily and do meditation. I ended up losing weight and gaining energy and peace of mind. In a way, the pandemic gave me a better outlook on what I needed to do to feel healthier and more vital in my work.
Did you make any resolutions that you hope to keep this year?
Yes, I want to build on all the work I did this past year and keep going. Mental, spiritual, and physical. Keep exercising, eating well and meditating. This has been the core. I also decided to write less books during the year and take more time in between projects to really dig into my creativity. I want quality to always rise over quantity for my own personal writing career and for me, I need a bit more time to create than many others.

Thanks to Jennifer for chatting with us and to Berkley for sharing her book with our readers.

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The Vatican Museums

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Will never make it to Italy so would be nice to read a story that takes place there.

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my dream is to go to Italy..the first place i would go is rome

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Yes, I have visited Italy. I would like to go back to Tuscany and Rome.

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I've been to Italy, but only very briefly and it was 31 years ago! I'm eager to return and I may have a work trip in Rome this fall. I would like to go to Venice and Milan, if possible. Right now, leaving my neighborhood seems like an adventure!

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I have never been to Italy before but have always wanted to visit! The first thing I would do is enjoy some authentic Italian pasta and gelato :)

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