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Book Review: Faking It

By Sara Steven

The perfect house, the perfect husband and the perfect life... or is she just faking it?

Life has been a bit of a rollercoaster for Ella. Growing up as the 'less successful' identical twin to her 'perfectly successful' sister, Emma, has left her feeling isolated, inadequate and let's face it.. a little bitter.

When Emma unexpectedly reaches out to Ella in a time of need, Ella suddenly finds herself with the opportunity to fill in for her sister and experience how the other half live.

But as Ella navigates the world of gossiping mothers, rebellious teens and trying to play the model housewife (not to mention avoiding the temptation of attractive men at the school gates...) will she discover that all is not always as it seems on the other side?
(Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads)

This was such a fun and unique experience. Ella and Emma are two entirely different people, even though they are identical twins, and the differences really added to the level of fun. Ella has always been seen as the troublemaker of the two, while Emma, as witnessed in various scenes with characters who have known the two women since they were children, was always seen as the quintessential “perfect angel.” But as the story progresses, it’s apparent that there is always more going on behind the scenes, and the supposed labels placed on someone years ago really doesn’t apply. Not anymore. 

As mentioned in the synopsis, Ella is suddenly thrust into a completely different way of living. The gossiping mothers, or “yummy mummies,” reminded me of some of the women I’ve encountered over the years who felt it was their place to try to coax me into being more like them, and less like myself. Given the fact that Ella doesn’t have children of her own, I felt the way MacIntosh showed Ella off kilter and out of her element was spot on, along with the awkwardness of living, as Ella says, “like a Stepford wife.” The fact that she is trying so hard to help her sister, someone she’s been at odds with for over a decade, speaks volumes on the type of person Ella is. 

There was a definite Uncle Buck vibe to Faking It, particularly where Ella’s relationship with her niece and nephew are concerned. There’s even a scene within Faking It that reminded me of the time when Buck, played by John Candy, had gone to a party to save his niece from potential disaster. In many ways, Ella can be seen as the female Buck; unpolished, moves to the beat of her own drum, but has an obvious heart of gold.

Along for the ride are potential romances for Ella that she knows isn’t safe to pursue, but given the options, it’s hard not to. And while it was fun to see that all go down, what I loved the most were the familial relationships we get to see Ella gain over time. It was heartwarming to see, for this five-star read.

Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for the book in exchange for an honest review.

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