Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Why you should fall for A.R. Taylor...plus a book giveaway

Today we are pleased to welcome A.R. Taylor to CLC and to feature her latest novel, Jenna Takes the Fall. Thanks to SparkPoint Studio, we have FIVE copies to give away!

A.R. Taylor is an award-winning playwright, essayist, and fiction writer. Her debut novel, Sex, Rain, and Cold Fusion, won a Gold Medal for Best Regional Fiction at the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2015, was a USA Best Book Awards Finalist, and was named one of the 12 Most Cinematic Indie Books of 2014 by Kirkus Reviews. She's been published in the Los Angeles Times, the Southwest Review, Pedantic Monthly, The Cynic online magazine, the Berkeley Insider, So It Goes—the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Magazine on Humor, Red Rock Review, and Rosebud.

In her past life, Taylor was head writer on two Emmy-winning series for public television. She has performed at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York, Tongue & Groove in Hollywood, and Lit Crawl L.A. You can find her video blog, Trailing Edge: Ideas Whose Time Has Come and Gone at her website www.lonecamel.com.

Visit A.R. Taylor online:
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Twenty-four years old and newly employed in Manhattan, Jenna McCann agrees to place herself under the dead body of a wealthy, prominent New Yorker―her boss―to hide the identity of his real lover. But why?

Because she is half in love with him herself; because her only friend at Hull Industries asked her to; because she feared everyone around her; because she had no idea how this would spin out into her own, undeveloped life; because she had nothing and no one?

Or just because?

Deftly told and sharply observed, Jenna Takes the Fall is the story of someone who became infamous . . . before she became anybody at all.
(Courtesy of Amazon.)

What is a favorite compliment you have received on your writing?
After reading Jenna, a friend of mine rubbed his hands together and said, “Wow, this is some good nasty fun!”

How is Jenna similar or different from you?
Well, first off, she’s younger (24)! Also, she’s very open, fearless almost. Which might seem like a good thing, but she is forced to learn that fear can be helpful.

If Jenna Takes The Fall were made into a movie, who would star in the leading roles?
Jenna McCann: Julia Garner
Tasha Clark: Taraji P. Henson
Vincent Macklin Hull: Josh Brolin or Sean Bean

What is the last movie you saw that you would recommend?
Parasite, a real tour de force, an examination of what it means to be human and to make mistakes. It’s about how the class system distorts one’s personality, and above all, how in a catastrophe we are all, almost mystically, bound together.

What is the strangest thing currently residing in your purse or handbag?
I have a tiny spool of green thread that I was carrying the day I became part of a crime scene, a takeover bank robbery in Manhattan Beach, California. Much shouting, men with sawed off shotguns, screaming even, especially to me to get down on the ground. My head, my heart, my body said, “This is it, the end.” It was not the end. I heard the footsteps of the robbers as they left the bank, then more people shouting, the police, and then crying tellers. I’ve lived to tell about it, but never, not ever have I forgotten that day and the feelings I had. So I keep that spool in a pocket in my purse, and I look at it every day, to remind myself of the mysterious workings of fate.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself in this pandemic?
How to plot my day and go to the supermarket when almost no one else is there. How to live a pared down life. There is more silence all around, and it’s a lesson in the intensity of small things and the fundamental seriousness of life. How to prioritize love in every sense of the word.

Thanks to A.R. Taylor for visiting with us and to SparkPoint Studio for sharing her book with our readers.

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