Thursday, September 3, 2020

Spotlight and Giveaway: Beloved Lives

Today we are pleased to feature Beloved Lives by Marilyn J. Evans. Thanks to TCK Publishing, we have a print copy and an e-book to give away!

April Robins is a mess. Her diet and wardrobe are disastrous, she's stopped exercising, and the nightmares are back—nightmares that started at puberty and didn't stop until she married. Now that she's divorced, the dreams are worse than ever, and April's malaise has her cat and her best friend, Trish, worried.

April decides it's time to get her life back in order by starting running and eating better. She also agrees to attend a class Trish is convinced will introduce them to new guys. When April meets the class instructor, Mitch van der Waals, an expert in the paranormal, she discovers they have a lot in common including a mutual attraction. When she and Mitch start dating, both cat and best friend approve.

But when the hospital where April works as a medical technologist hires Dr. Weston, a handsome, new cardiologist, things get complicated. At her first meeting with Dr. Weston, April faints. As he shows more and more interest in her, she finds herself unaccountably affected by Weston, sometimes irritated, other times literally falling into a trance in his presence. Slowly April realizes Weston was a key player in her past lives as she struggles to find the root cause of her nightmares through past life regressions, sessions in the sleep lab, and strangely spontaneous trances.

Does she have a choice between being who she is now and who she seems to have been over and over again?

Solving the mysterious origins of the nightmares that have echoed down through April's many lives could be a matter of life and death, in this life and beyond.

Marilyn J. Evans was a medical researcher for twenty years, then worked in quality assurance for the pharmaceutical and biologics industries. Writing fiction is her third career. She has studied, taught and lectured on comparative religion and aspects of the paranormal for more than two decades. Marilyn has horses, cats, a garden with a bad attitude, and a patient husband, and lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

Beloved Lives is Marilyn's first novel. Her novella, “Wasting Water,” will appear in the anthology Undeniable: Writers Respond to Climate Change, published by Alternating Current Press.

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Nancy P said...

That's a good question. Really have no idea but if this life is any indication, it was someone that went through a lot of struggle & adversity.

traveler said...

Job. For sure.

diannekc said...

I would like to think I was a very independent and strong person willing to stand up for what is right.

jodi marinich said...

i am not sure but would hope someone with connections to live a good life

bn100 said...

no idea

DarkXDruidessX said...

I think I was a passenger on a ship that sunk in a pass life. When I was very small I used to have nightmares of being on a ship as it was going down. I am terrified of ships and drowning.

Kelly Rodriguez said...

I have no idea.

susieqlaw said...

A teacher